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Consumers damage prevention of elderly person in Yokohama-shi

Last update date July 2, 2020

For consumers damage prevention of elderly person watch; about enlightenment video

We prevent consumers trouble of elderly person, and family and going zukiya calling of the neighborhood including neighborhood are important early detection to be settled.
We watched this video and are enlightenment video which we think that it is a chance to mind neighboring elderly people and produced. Please see by all means.

The actual situation <about eight minutes> of consumers damage of doubtful shadow - elderly person whom thing - stealing that you can do moves to

Watch consumers damage prevention of elderly person; enlightenment video: Family glance (door-to-door sales) <30 seconds>

Watch consumers damage prevention of elderly person; enlightenment video: Child glance (telephone invitation) <15 seconds>

Watch consumers damage prevention of elderly person; enlightenment video: Grandchild glance (imaginary request) <15 seconds>

About distribution of "help card"

For consumers damage prevention of elderly person that increase was worried about by aging progress, we made "help card" (cooling off version) which listed contact information of Yokohama-shi consumer life synthesis center (say "center" as follows.) in 2016. That this card has distribute to elderly people from member of member of Yokohama-shi consumer life promotion who is leading figure of local action, Yokohama-shi golden age club alliance colleague love activity, Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations, local welfare officer, children's committee, ties elderly person and center which are in trouble with consumers damage, and to feel free to contact, in area have watch, and activity utilize.
Is new from 2017; have see, and the city companies such as the carrier (NTT DOCOMO, KDDI, SoftBank) and Kanagawa consumers' cooperative alliance society, Sompo Japan Insurance Inc. Japan national policy for the rise of Asia, Japan Post South Kanto branch office distribute "help card" (is for cooling off, and smartphone is edition) as leading figure of defense, and have watch, and cooperate with activity. In addition, we have you distribute from employee and alumni (= starlight society) by Tokyo Gas Co.,Ltd. Yokohama Branch-like cooperation toward the area living in the city from 2018.

"Help card" (cooling off version)

Help card (cooling off version)

"Help card" (smartphone version)

Help card (smartphone version)

Press release about approach

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