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smart consumer column

Final update date July 2, 2020

Protect your life!

Smart Consumer Column…~~

Protect your life! This is a smart consumer column.…

The malicious business law has a trendy trick.
In order to avoid getting into trouble, it is very important to know the latest examples of damage and the "usable law" that protects consumers.
In this column, we will provide information on the latest cases of consumer troubles.

I often say, "I will teach you how to make money," such as "I earn millions of yen a month for one day of work" and "Investment method that costs 100 million yen".…I'm sorry.

Have you ever displayed a warning screen on your computer, such as "I was infected with the virus" or "All data will be deleted after a minute"?

Postcards, sealed letters, e-mails, etc. with contents that you do not remember, such as "content fee has not been paid" or "take legal measures if you do not contact us"…I'm sorry. It may be a fictitious bill!

"You can't enter with tickets purchased at the resale site! ? "," I paid for the ticket purchased at the flea market site, but the ticket was not sent. "…

It is necessary to pay attention to malicious business laws that take advantage of disasters, such as "can be repaired with fire insurance", "substitute insurance claims", "it is difficult without repair now"!

In the future, aggressive solicitation of marine products, such as "crabs are now less than half value" and "send by cash on delivery", will increase rapidly, especially for the elderly! Why don't you talk about it with your family when you return home?

Recently, the letters "first time only", "monitor price", and "trial" often seen in online advertisements. Are you stuck with the great deal of information? If you do not check carefully, it may lead to unexpected expenses.…

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