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Smart consumers column

Last update date July 2, 2020

We keep your living!

We cannot come smart consumers column ...…...

We keep your living! Smart consumers column cannot come…

Malicious business method has trick of fashion.
It is important at all to know "law to be held up" to protect example and consumers of the latest damage so that it is not involved in trouble.
In this column, we send information about damage examples of the latest consumers trouble.

"You should tell and are about to see know-how of money-making" such as "we earn millions of yen by work for 1 days in month" "investment method that 00000 yen is 000000000 yen"….

Has "we were infected with virus" warning screen, "all data were deleted 0 minutes" later not been displayed suddenly by PC?

Postcard and sealed letter, email that "we adopt case, legal means without contact" unfamiliar contents were written "contents rate is unpaid"…. It may be that, imaginary request!

"We cannot enter by ticket which we purchased in resale site? Precious pleasure which "ticket has not been sent ", though paid the price for ticket which purchased in flea market site" in vain…

"We can repair by fire insurance" requires attention in malicious business method that "we act for request for insurance" took advantage of disaster including "it is tough when we do not repair right now"!

Coming time, forcible invitation of "crab is half price or less now" "we send by collect on delivery" marine products are rapid increases led by elderly person! When we make topic in families in case of homecoming, how about?

"The first limitation" recently common by Web advertising, it is letter of "trial" "monitor price". Are you not tempted by advantageous information? Do you invite unexpected expenditure when you do not confirm well?…

We introduce friends of forest of consumers properly yours sincerely! Profile

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