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Recruitment of residents of safety net house

Last update date July 3, 2020

What is safety net house?

Entering of which has a problem to live, and to look for such as elderly person and child care household, impaired person, low income
It is house registered as house (safety net house) to accept.
We can look for safety net house from homepage "safety net house reporting system" of country.

What is safety net house with rent assistance?

Among houses registered as safety net house in Yokohama-shi,
For house meeting constant requirements, we assist rent and rent debt guarantee charges.

What kind of person can receive assistance?

Qualification of resident

  • The amount of monthly income of household being 158,000 yen or less
  • Do not receive housing benefit (livelihood protection system) and securing of house benefit (life poor independence support system)
  • It is residence or to work in Yokohama-shi
  • There not being own house
Calculation method of the amount of monthly income of household

We deduct various subtraction set in Income Tax Law from income of all the residents, and, with the amount of monthly income of household, monthly installment is sum that we did.
Amount of monthly income = (income amount of money total various subtraction of all the people entering set in - Income Tax Law in total) ÷ 12 of household
Calculation method (PDF: 393KB) of the amount of monthly income of household

Indication of the amount of yearly income equivalency of "the amount of monthly income of household is 158,000 yen or less"
The household number of people Live-alone Two households Three households
Pension income About 3.1 million yen About 3.53 million yen About 4.04 million yen
Earned income About 2.97 million yen About 3.51 million yen About 4 million yen
Business income About 1.9 million yen About 2.28 million yen About 2.66 million yen

As difference may occur with income amounts of money by various cases, we are just used as an indication, and please see.

What kind of assistance can you receive?

About assistance to rent


As Yokohama-shi assists to owner to up to 40,000 yen according to incomes of resident every month,
Rent (resident burden) that resident pays to owner becomes amount of money at the same level when we entered Municipal Housing.
In addition, resident burden varies according to original rent of each house and is different by the amount of monthly income of entering household in the same house.


  • We cannot receive assistance anymore in house to live.
  • Supporting period is principle ten years.
  • Because city examines resident qualification in addition to examination of normal owner at the time of entering, please submit taxation certificates.
  • Submission of resident certificate is necessary to confirm that we moved to after the entering.
  • Please submit taxation certificates to confirm that we meet resident qualification once a year after the entering.

About assistance to rent debt guarantee charges

What are rent debt guarantee charges?

When we borrow room, on behalf of necessary joint surety, it is that rent debt guarantee company undertakes rent debt.

Supporting contents

When we enter safety net house with rent assistance using rent debt guarantee,
Yokohama-shi assists the first rent debt guarantee charges to pay in the case of entering to up to 60,000 yen in rent debt guarantee companies.

How should we look for safety net house with rent assistance?

About raise in amount of supporting upper limit to person whom income decreased under the influence of new coronavirus

We are affected by new coronavirus infectious disease and raise the amount of upper limit of rent reduction assistance for owner of safety net house with rent assistance that income decreased and enters to up to 62,900 yen and reduce burden on rent of resident.

Conduct summary

Requirements (we correspond to all) of resident performing raise in amount of upper limit

  1. By circumstances such as quitting a job, disease by influence of new coronavirus infectious disease, income is almost that we decrease more than 20%, and payment of rent is difficult
  2. In Yokohama-shi residence or working (including that was discharged from this time)
  3. Meeting requirements of resident who sets in the normal entering

Maximum supporting amount of money

62900 yen/month, door
※Real supporting amount of money is fixed by the area of the house, the amount of household monthly income of resident and rent.

Period to perform raise in amount of upper limit

Period before resident not meeting requirements of 1 resident mentioned above
※We judge by "confirmation of resident qualification" that Motoichi carries out once a year.

Press release materials

Press release material (there be on May 18, 2020) (PDF: 411KB) (PDF: 411KB)
Guidance flyer (PDF: 554KB) (PDF: 509KB)

About resident qualification confirmation application

With resident qualification confirmation application

To do confirmation whether or not we meet resident qualification before entering safety net house with rent assistance
Please perform "resident qualification confirmation application".
For more details, please ask the subsidy secretariat.

The subsidy secretariat

Yokohama City Housing Supply Corporation lease house business section
Safety net house charge with rent assistance
Address: 〒 221-0052 8-1, Sakaecho, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama-shi Yokohama 京急バス the fourth floor of the building
Phone number 045-451-7755
Reception hours: Until Monday through Friday from (except holiday, New Year holidays), 8:45 to 17:15

Submission documents

Required documents table (PDF: 284KB)

Application style downloading

Manual for residents

It is before entering and manual about procedure after entering.

Page for companies

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Person who does not have can download free of charge from Adobe company.
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