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Used dry cell

Last update date June 26, 2020

Dry cell

How to put out of "dry cell"

We collect twice a week (we agree with collection day of "burnable garbage")
(please confirm with seals of accumulation place)

Main object: Manganese dry cell, alkali dry cell, lithium primary cell, nickel-based primary cell, coin battery (format sign CR or BR)

We collect on collection day of burnable garbage and the same day.
You put in transparence that you can confirm clearly of the contents which are different from burnable garbage or the semitransparent bag, and please provide.

※We do not collect charge-type battery (rechargeable battery) and button batteries (model sign SR or LR).
→To rechargeable battery recycling BOX where JBRC (the outside site) sets up charge-type battery. We install box in the city hall and each ward synthesis government building, collection office and collect.
→To canned button batteries collection that Battery Association of Japan (the outside site) installs button batteries.
※Coin battery resembles button batteries in the appearance top, but does not enter canned button batteries collection as coin battery is wider than button batteries. Please take out coin battery for collection of Yokohama-shi as "used dry cell".

※A lot of things becoming trouble of recycling mix. You follow rule, and give.

Rechargeable battery (nickel cadmium battery)
◆Rechargeable battery (nickel cadmium battery)

Rechargeable battery (nickel metal hydride battery)
◆Rechargeable battery (nickel metal hydride battery)

Rechargeable battery (lithium ion battery)
◆Rechargeable battery (lithium ion battery)

◆Button batteries

(when we do not know, please consult with collection office of store and ward to live.)

※In addition, contents of linked site publishing in in this site belong to each linked site, and Yokohama-shi does not guarantee the contents.
Please use the use of linked site publishing in in this site according to the use conditions listed in linked site. In addition, about every damage that occurred by the use of linked site, Yokohama-shi does not take the responsibility.

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