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About home disposal procedures for New Coronavirus Infectious

I would like understanding, cooperation about discharge of household garbage to prevent spread of new coronavirus infection.

Final update date February 19, 2021

How to dispose of masks at home

 If a person infected with an infectious disease such as a new coronavirus or a suspected person is at home, pay attention to those points such as masks and tissues with runny nose, etc., and use them as "burnable garbage. Please give me.

  • Do not touch garbage such as masks directly
  • Remove the garbage bag from air, tie it tightly and seal it.
  • After throwing away the garbage, use soap and wash your hands thoroughly with running water.

Reference: Ministry of the Environment "How to dispose of masks at home (PDF: 543KB)" "How to dispose of household garbage for infectious disease countermeasures such as new coronavirus (PDF: 346KB)"

※ If you have a new coronavirus infection or suspected garbage and recyclables at home, put them in a bag, seal them tightly, and take them out as "burnable garbage. When taking out, take measures to prevent infection by masks, gloves, hand washing after disposal, etc.
※ Other than that, please cooperate in separating garbage and resources as usual.

About oversized garbage

 Please refrain from unnecessary and urgent applications.

About change of acceptance system of oversized garbage's

 At present, carry-in to oversized garbage facilities are currently increasing significantly. In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, we will change the acceptance system as follows and work.
 In addition, please refrain from bringing in with high urgency, and if you must bring in, please come with a minimum number of people. In addition, please carry out unloading at the facility yourself.
 We will continue to set a maximum number of acceptances per day at each oversized garbage self-import facilities per day. In addition, application to Oversized Garbage Reception Center City in advance to bring it in.

About emission of used cloth

used cloth's exports and operations at overseas factories were suspended due to the effects of the new coronavirus infection, and recycling was delayed.
We asked for your cooperation in storing your home, but since the accumulation of the recycling route has been resolved to a certain extent,
Please send it to local recyclables collection will be

However, if the stored items are discharged at once, collection and recycling will be hindered.
I would like cooperation to have you put out little by little (about 1-2 bags of each home).

Thank you very much for your cooperation in storing at home.

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