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About home disposal procedures affecting new coronavirus infectious disease

For prevention of new coronavirus infection spread, we would like understanding and cooperation about discharge of household garbage.

Last update date January 26, 2021

The disposal of masks method at home

 When or new coronavirus which there is the suspicion infected with infectious disease come to home, you have the following points be careful about mask or tissue which mucus attached to, and give as "burnable garbage".

  • We do not touch garbage such as masks directly
  • Garbage bag lets air and we tie up well and seal
  • After having thrown away garbage, using soap, we wash hand under running water well

Reference: Ministry of the Environment "how to discard masks at home" (PDF: 543KB) "how to discard garbage of home for infectious diseases measures such as new coronavirus" (PDF: 346KB)

※ You bag garbage and recyclable garbage when new coronavirus infectious disease and person whom there is the suspicion come to home in a mass, and you seal severely, and give as "burnable garbage". When you have you provide, please perform infection preventive measures by mask, gloves, hand-washing after the disposal.
※ Other than that, I would like cooperation for garbage and classification of resources as usual.

About oversized garbage

 We would appreciate your refraining from the non-pivot non-sudden applications.

About change of the acceptance system of oversized garbage by self-import

 Carry-ons to oversized garbage self import facility are largely increasing now. We change the following acceptance system and work to prevent new coronavirus infectious disease expansion.
 In addition, we would appreciate your arriving by the minimum number of people when we have you wait other than the carry-on with high emergency and have you bring in out of necessity. In addition, discharge in facility would appreciate your going by yourself.

  • We set the upper limit to the acceptance number in each oversized garbage self import facility per day. In addition, application to Oversized Garbage Reception Center is necessary for carry-on beforehand.
  • We shorten cut-off time of Konan stockyard by 16:00 (usually until 21:00).

   Attention: It becomes similar about carry-on of recyclable garbage to Konan resource recovery center.

  • We perform carry-on to Tsurumi exploitation of resources center, long Sakatani stockyard, Shinmeidai stockyard from 9:00 to 16:00 as usual.

   Attention: It becomes similar about center recycling in long Sakatani stockyard.

About discharge of used cloth

 We exported to foreign countries mainly and reused, and "used cloth" was recycled, but recycling remained because operation of export and overseas factory stopped under the influence of new coronavirus infectious disease.
 Operation of the export of used cloth and overseas factory is the situation that begins to reopen progressively, but influence on recycling including distribution of reuse recycling article of overseas used cloth being delayed from infection measures is not completely fitting now.
 You would appreciate your cooperating with storage at home as much as possible sequentially, but give in collection day of "used cloth" little by little (each around one bag of family) when storage becomes difficult.
 As expansion of new coronavirus infectious disease converges and tells on city homepages if the situation is improved, understanding of citizens and cooperation, please.

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