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Spray can

Last update date January 23, 2019

Spray can

How to put out of "spray can"

We collect twice a week (we agree with collection day of "burnable garbage")
(please confirm with seals of accumulation place)

Apart from 1 burnable garbage, please put in the transparent or semitransparent bag which the contents can identify clearly in a mass.
Please use up the contents by all means at safe place without 2 fire.
Chief made of 3 plastic takes off, and please provide as "containers and packaging made of plastic".

How to put out

Safe how to put out when the contents are left maker or,
Please confirm in association of Japan aerosol.
Association of Japan aerosol homepage (the outside site)
Telephone: 03-5207-9850

Explosion accident of tool for aerosol type simple fire extinguishing occurs.

About accident summary and the applicable product, please confirm homepage of Fire Bureau.
Please refer to manufacturer for the disposal of tool for applicable aerosol type simple fire extinguishing method without providing for "spray can".
Please provide as spray can after using up the contents about tool for aerosol type simple fire extinguishing except pertinence.

Related information

Recycling of spray can

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Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau family system measures department Operations Section

Telephone: 045-671-3819

Telephone: 045-671-3819

Fax: 045-662-1225

E-Mail address [email protected]

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