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About C40

Last update date March 6, 2019

We work on Yokohama-shi as member of network C40 of city constructed by world big city working on climate change measures positively. C40 develops various activities based on the leadership of the annu Hidalgo Paris mayor who is Michael Bloomberg United Nations climate change measures, city charge special envoy and the chairperson who are director.

Aim of 1 C40

C40 is international network by big city working on climate change measures. We occupy more than 550 million citizens, 1/4 of world economy when we add up C40 participation city. C40 works on increase of health, improvement of quality of life, creation of economic opportunity while focusing on activity of city working on reduction of climate change measures - greenhouse gas and reduction of climate risk.

Specifically, information that we did commencing with excellence examples through email, online other than the cause of C40 support, holding of subcommittee every theme, chief grade Summit once in two years exchanges opinions.

(participation city: as of Boston, Copenhagen, Durban, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Milan, Paris, Seoul, Tokyo, 92 Yokohama others city February, 2018 in total)

Activity in C40 of 2 Yokohama-shi

40 includes 17 subcommittees, but Yokohama-shi participates in Clean Energy, Climate Change Risk Assessment, Private Building Efficiency, Waste to Resource, five networks of Waste Management soon and exchanges opinions at workshop held once a year and the online top.
Of these, in Clean Energy section, Yokohama smart city project won C40 award in 2016.

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Telephone: 045-671-2622

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