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Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance

Last update date March 15, 2019

"Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance" which started by city that advocated "greenhouse gas discharge reduction by 2050 of 80% or more" in March, 2015. It starts in 17 cities, and constitution cities increase year by year, and the present becomes 19 cities, but Yokohama-shi works as member member after start positively.


Population of urban area accounts for three-fourths of population of the whole world. Therefore effort of city is essential for greenhouse gas discharge reduction. In addition, not only city achieves high aim called greenhouse gas discharge 80% reduction by 2050, but also must work on various things such as economic activation, improvement of quality of life. For such an accomplishment, city advocating high aim cooperates.

(participation city: as of Adelaide, Berlin, Boulder, Copenhagen, London, Melbourne, Minneapolis, New York, Oslo, Portland, Rio de Janeiro, San Francisco, Seattle, Stockholm, Sydney, Toronto, Vancouver, Washington D.C., Heisei, Yokohama March, 2019)

2 CNCA Innovation Fund

Activity of CNCA is discussed at place of annual annual meeting. Other than annual meeting, "Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance Innovation Fund" becomes main activity now. We invite public participation for innovative project for greenhouse gas discharge reduction from participation city, and members of the governing board chosen by city examine this and support for chosen project.

CNCA Innovation Fund Project of 3 Yokohama-shi – Yokohama Blue Carbon Project

Project "Yokohama blue carbon project" that Yokohama-shi submitted to received the choice in 2017 and received 100,000 U.S. dollars. By this project, we pushed forward research for mechanism elucidation of greenhouse gas absorption by the ocean utilized characteristic only in city that was approach that was pioneer in the world and developed promotion for foreign countries cooperation (Vancouver), foreign countries of the field of blue carbon utilized results of research.

Photograph of Global Climate Action Summit side event

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