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Interchange with overseas city

Last update date March 19, 2019

In Climate Change Policy Headquarters, we interchange with world city performing advanced warming measures and perform technical cooperation to city in Asia.

Frankfurt City (Germany)

We utilize cooperation project (IUC-Japan) between EU - Japan international cities and perform cooperation for the making of sustainable city. The details are this

Smart city expo photograph
Lecture in smart city expo

Barcelona City (Spain)

Yokohama-shi and Barcelona city conclude memorandum about smart city cooperation in 2013 and push forward cooperation.
We attended at "smart city expo world meeting" held in the city and, in 2018, announced for SDGs city of the future, approach by cooperation with various stakeholders and sent approach of warming measures of Yokohama-shi.

Vancouver City (Canada)

With Vancouver City that was one of the leading cities in warming measures, we performed adaptation plan, cooperation in hydrogen measure from 2016. Following the fact that approach of Yokohama blue carbon was adopted in "CNCA innovation fund" in 2017, we performed cooperation with blue carbon.

The Bangkok capital (Thailand)

From 2013, Climate Change Policy Headquarters cooperated with development of "Bangkok capital climate change master plan" that JICA carried out with International Affairs Bureau, and the plan was devised in 2015. Afterwards, with JICA, we work for conduct support of the plan.

San Diego City (the United States)

We perform the cause of cooperation of association of San Diego Yokohama sister city, alternating current with environmental picture diary. Primary schoolchild of San Diego participated in 2018, and a part of the submission work was displayed by "environmental picture diary exhibition 2018".

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