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The local government meeting to aim at ikurei sustainability

Last update date March 6, 2019

Wow, international city net consisting of the 1,500 or more local governments aiming at sustainability participates in stake clay and works as Director ikurei Japan variously.

Activity in ikurei of 1 Yokohama-shi

Study session of the member local government held once a month in Japan, ikurei sustained possible city society (ikurei cafe) participate and perform other cities and opinion and information exchange, and ikurei participates in sponsorship or participating various international conferences. In 2018, session that ikurei and Ministry of the Environment hosted in Japan pavilion in COP24 held in Katowice of Poland went on the platform and went on the platform for treaty session hosted by the secretariat.

Participation in 2 Global Covenant of Mayors

We participate in Global Covenant of Mayors which started as platform which Yokohama-shi sends approach about easing measure for climate change by the local government and adaptation plan more widely in January, 2017, and can appeal. This becomes cooperation between the world's largest cities about climate change measures to have the number of the participation local governments 7,100 or more from 119 countries. We publish existing reduction target and plan, and the participation local government performs annual report of the progress through carbonn climate registry which is formal report platform of Compact of Mayors or CDP (carbon disclosure project) and works about adaptation plan steadily and pledges that we aim at development of adaptation plan for less than three years. We carry out with support of ikurei about this participation, observance of a contract effectively.

Development of 3 future

Climate change measures and adaptation plan shares various cities and knowledge not problem that can be settled in 1 city, and what we work on while working together in competition is important. Wow, the world's largest city net strengthens stake clay and cooperation and works positively.

COP24 photograph

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