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(tentative name) Koshiba oil storage facility ruins Park

Last update date December 20, 2018


Old Koshiba oil storage facility is ruin of U.S. base of about 53 hectares in area to be located in the Kanazawa Ward eastern part. It was built as storage depot of fuel by the former Japanese Navy, and the U.S. forces used after the war as storage base of plane fuel, but were returned before the war in December, 2005.
In Yokohama-shi, we worked on development of "use of Koshiba oil storage facility ruins basic plan" (March, 2008) containing use of city park while hearing about opinion of citizen's all of you until now, and went ahead through adjustment about country and the handling of site, and interest-free loan policy of national property was decided in February, 2013.
We received this and compiled "(tentative name) Koshiba oil storage facility ruins Park basic plan" (plan) in March, 2014 and carried out citizen's opinion offer about this plan from May of the year and established basic plan in July.
We are pushing forward city planning procedure, environmental assessment procedure, concrete design now.

We show area of Koshiba in aerial photograph.
(tentative name) Cover shot of Koshiba oil storage facility ruins Park

Name, park classification

Park name: Tentative name) Koshiba oil storage facility ruins Park
The location: Shibamachi, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama-shi, Nagahama, 2, Nagahama, row of trees three orders seam
Guide map (the outside site) (the outside site)
Plottage: About 55.8ha
(we maintain old Koshiba oil storage facility and a part of shoshibasakiryokudo integrally)
Park classification: Wide area Park (plan)

Basic plan

We modified and, based on opinion in civic opinion offer and opinion in Kanazawa Ward U.S. forces facility construction, return ruins measures meeting, established basic plan.

About environmental assessment procedure

About environmental assessment procedure, please see business after Environmental Impact Assessment examination.

About city planning procedure

About city planning procedure, please see homepage of Housing and Architecture Bureau City Planning Division.

About civic visit society [was finished]

We carry out civic visit party that we intended for toward Kanazawa inhabitant of a ward.
[event name] (tentative name) visit to Koshiba oil storage facility ruins Park planned site society
[the date and time] Part from 10:00 to 12:00 of the morning of Sunday, October 23, 2016, part from 13:30 to 15:30 of the afternoon
[contents] After having gathered in ward office (tentative name), we show around the Koshiba oil storage facility ruins Park planned site by bus and are dissolved at ward office. (visit society of the contents in the afternoon the morning.)
[object, capacity] Resident person in ward: 80 (a lot of applicants time lottery)
※Please inquire for participation that is younger than junior high student beforehand.
[application] By Friday, September 23 (must arrive), fill in required items (event name, desired (morning or afternoon), 〒, Address, full name (furigana), age, Phone number, address side of reply) on double postal card (one is accompanied one piece); and to the following


About past process to affect old Koshiba oil storage facility, please see homepage of Policy Bureau Military Base Division.

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