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Private bicycle parking lot maintenance costs assistance business

By performing some assistance to maintenance, as part of measures such as illegally parked bicycles, plan maintenance promotion of private bicycle parking lot.

Last update date July 27, 2020

Summary of system

Supporting object

  1. We maintain to about less than 300 meters from station
  2. We offer for one of the general community
  3. 20 accommodation number or more things

Bicycle parking lot meeting requirements to set of three points and other summaries mentioned above is targeted for assistance.
※In addition, there are regulations about enlargement and continuation regulations of bicycle parking lots administration
※By the use situation of illegally parked number such as bicycles around the applicable station and municipal bicycle parking lot, it may become non-grant.

Supporting amount of money

  • In the fact-finding that we carried out in last year, it is 1/2 of assistance object expense at leaving number high rank 15 Station such as bicycles in illegally parked prohibition area such as bicycles
  • 1/3 of target expense supporting at other station

Illegally parked bicycle number high rank 15 Station in illegally parked prohibition area (PDF: 182KB) such as bicycles based on 2019 fact-finding
※There are limit based on standard unit price and supporting limit per one assistance.

We perform grant decision and the amount of assistance decision after the application reception desk and notify of supporting target thing.
In addition, we make decision within Motoichi budget.

What can start construction as supporting business after subsidy grant decision notice day.
Please consult with maintenance costs furtherance person in charge of Road and Highway Bureau road safety, bicycle policy section about the details of business.

About prior consultation receptionist

For the need to grasp maintenance summary and smooth business formalities, please perform prior consultation using business plan (word: 25KB) at least one month prior to scheduled grant application date
Please refer to brochure for applicants for mention of business plan.

Reference materials, style

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Person who does not have can download free of charge from Adobe company.
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