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Let's know chemical substance

Last update date July 17, 2020

Risk communication

 Citizen, company, administration share information about chemical substance and call that we communicate through exchange of opinions risk communication. (reference) risk communication (the outside site) (Ministry of the Environment)

 By event or seminar, we perform reporting about chemical substance measures toward citizen and the company to promote risk communication in Yokohama-shi.


 We are going to hold chemical substance and seminar about environment.

 We are preparing now. Please wait a minute.

The past seminar results

Let's go to eco-friendly factory for visit!

 We introduce factory in Yokohama-shi performing eco-friendly approach.
 Please confirm state of implementation of visit in each factory.
 Please refer to homepage of each factory published in flyer.


 We grasp data whether were exhausted how long during environment by what kind of outbreak source, or a great variety of chemical substances with hazardousness are included in refuse, and were carried out outside office and add up, and PRTR (Pollutant Release and Transfer Register: quantity of chemical substance discharge movement notification system) is structure to announce.
 Look at the details about PRTR from the following links.

Information about chemical substance

Distribution of brochure

 At window of Environment Administration Division, we distribute brochure about chemical substance. Person with interest, please contact reference of the lower page.

Other related information

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