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Last update date November 21, 2019

We grasp data whether were exhausted how long during environment by what kind of outbreak source, or a great variety of chemical substances with hazardousness are included in refuse, and were carried out outside office and add up, and PRTR (Pollutant Release and Transfer Register: quantity of chemical substance discharge movement notification system) is structure to announce. Target chemical substance has 462 materials.
PRTR system was institutionalized by "law about promotion of improvement of grasp of discharge to environment of specified chemical substance and management" (kakanho) (the outside site).
It became possible that citizen's all of you or government obtained more detailed information about discharge of chemical substance by PRTR system. In this way, opportunity to participate in approach to chemical substance problem that we couldn't but entrust citizen's all of you so far toward administration and the company positively spread.
While contents of the current situation and measures of discharge of chemical substance advance, and citizen's all of you, the government of company talk with about condition using PRTR data, it is expected to cooperate, and to push forward chemical substance measures.

As for the detailed explanation about PRTR, please see (PRTR information open space: Ministry of the Environment) (the outside site) with PRTR.

Report method

Please refer to report method of PRTR for report method, style of PRTR.

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