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18.Shinmeidai Landfill 7th Landfill Project Environmental Impact Assessment Procedure

Final update date March 20, 2019

A list of procedures
Business name 7th Landfill at Shinmeidai Site
Project Implementation Area 4081, Ikenotani, Izumi-ku, Yokohama-shi and others
Business type New landfill of General Waste
Business Planners Yokohama-shi
Preparatory Statement

Submission: October 26, 1989
Public notice and inspection: November 4 to December 4, 1989

Public information ward Asahi Ward, Izumi Ward and Seya Ward
Briefing session A total of 76 people on November 23, November 25, and November 26 (three times in total)
Statement of Position Number of copies: 0dori
Evaluation Report

Send: February 27, 1990
Public notice and inspection: March 5 to March 19, 1990

Statement of Position Number of copies: 0dori
Examination Committee

Request: April 4, 1990
Report: July 2, 1990

Examination Statement

Creation: July 17, 1990
Notice: July 25, 1990 (four deliberations)


Submission: August 20, 1990
Notice: September 5, 1990

Start registration form

Notification: July 6, 1993
Scheduled start of construction: April 30, 1993

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Telephone: 045-671-2495

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