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14.Environmental Impact Assessment Procedure for Route 1 International Port Construction Plan Road (from Kamikawai, Asahi-i, Asahi-ku to Tsuta-cho, Midori-ku) Environmental Impact

Final update date March 19, 2019

A list of procedures
Business name Yokohama International Port City Construction Plan Road No. 1.32 Route 1 Bypass Line No. 1.3.2
(From Kamikawai, Asahi-ku to Tsuda-cho, Midori-ku)
Project Implementation Area

Start: Kamikawaicho, Asahi-ku
End: Nagatsuta, Midori-ku-cho

Business type New Roads
City Planning Decision Owners Governor of Kanagawa
company Kanagawa
Preparatory Statement

Submission: July 19, 1988
Public notice and inspection: July 26-August 24, 1988

Public information ward Asahi Ward, Midori Ward and Seya Ward
Briefing session August 5, August 6, and August 8, 1988 (3 times in total) 76 people in total
Statement of Position Number of Statements of Position: 5 mails
Evaluation Report

Submission: May 19, 1989
Public notice and inspection: May 23, 1989 to June 21, 1989

Statement of Position Number of Statements of Position: 0dori
Examination Committee

Request: November 4, 1986
Report: March 9, 1989

Examination Statement Creation: March 20, 1989

Creation: May, 1989
Notice: May 23, 1989

Start registration form Notification: February 8, 1990

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