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Green village forest hiking promenade

Last update date July 13, 2018


Shimonagaya Shimin-no-Mori

It looks like grove of miscellaneous trees turns yellow yellow

There are narrow way and ridge way in forest to be able to walk while looking down at field of valley. "Five Yamami bowers" where the mountains are seen in including Mount Fuji. View is full of changes, too.
Please see page of the Environmental Planning Bureau in detail.

Downloading[PDF] of walk map is possible from this.

Around Mt. Japanese yen sea

Mt. Japanese yen sea seen in the south from Konandai Station. Around Mt. Japanese yen sea, green tract of land of maximum in Yokohama-shi following Miura Peninsula spreads.

  • It is Shimin-no-Mori in the shallows
  • Hitorizawa Shimin-no-Mori
  • Peak Shimin-no-Mori
  • Kanazawa Shimin-no-Mori
  • Kamariya Shimin-no-Mori
  • Kamigo Shimin-no-Mori

We can download Mt. Japanese yen sea map from this.

About other "Shimin-no-Mori" or "forest of contact", please see page of the Environmental Planning Bureau.

Forest of Yokohama nature observation

It is natural observation center and facility consisting of the Beatles trails (natural observation road) installed in the south of around Mt. Japanese yen sea green tract of land. Ranger is resident and holds display and commentary about nature of Yokohama, various events.

Inquiry: 1562-1, Kamigocho, Sakae-ku, Yokohama-shi, telephone: 045-894-7474, FAX: 045-894-8892

As for the detailed thing, please see page of the Environmental Planning Bureau.

Maioka hometown village

We appoint for the purpose of scenery maintenance of agriculture promotion area, for agricultural use district area having good rural district scenery and local activation as "Yokohama hometown village", and setting such as infrastructure maintenance or the training facility, citizen including maintenance, utilization of forest maintain as place getting close to nature and agriculture.

Maioka hometown village (house of rainbow, forest of hometown)

Aoba Ward has "servant of a Buddhist temple hometown village". Please see page of the Environmental Planning Bureau.

Maioka Park

Located in the heart of Maioka, Noba district, it is next to Maioka hometown village. In the outskirts, there are rich green and spring in park area while we completely became city, and traditional rural scenery which ran short is left even for the city.
In park where participation in agriculture experience plays a key role of the use as "village of Maioka Park Kotani door", old folk house (the old Kanekos house central room) in the Meiji early days removes and builds as base of the use and is restored.

As for the detailed thing, please see page of the Environmental Planning Bureau.

There is promenade other than village forest and green tract of land

Children playing playground equipment in park

It is recommendation course of inhabitants of a ward whom "town pride guidebook" introduces.

It is park with presence of mind that we made use of scenery of nature in. Other than exercise open space, there are lawn open space, walk road, pond, observation deck, streetcar the 1156th car. Again the neighborhood of Japanese garden and noh stage of Yukoku Miyama is tasteful.

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