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The highlight in Konan Ward

Last update date October 12, 2020

The highlight in intellect rou ward more in Konan Ward

We introduce the flower highlight every season.

Konan Ward cherry blossoms communication

We introduce the highlight of cherry blossoms of Konan Ward.

We introduce place to see Mount Fuji from the ward.

Fragrant wood of high quality Furuki

We introduce tree which came for being got close as symbol of town for a long time.

We introduce the ward and neighboring "Shimin-no-Mori" or promenades.

We arrange "course of the Hino River". (the Hino River promenade maintenance business)

We introduce nickname of road.

It is collection of charm of Konan that we choose as opportunity when everybody living in town protects charm of imminent town and brings up and pulled.
We renew taking the opportunity of the constituency system 50th anniversary of 2019.

It is 30 "town" of Konan Ward selected in those days which we established in 1998 (Heisei 10).

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