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Memory of Konan 30 view 1999 gusset

Last update date September 1, 2020

Konan 30 view

It is "the town" of selected Konan Ward which we invite public participation for "Konan 30 view" in June, 1998 (Heisei 10) and decided in September at the time.
In the autumn of 1999, we filmed these 30 views and published collection of photographs "keishu*sho" which we did of the 30th anniversary of the constituency system enforcement.
(collection of these photographs is out of print. I'm sorry, but we cannot show preservation as there is not.)
Now that we passed through 20 several years, as for you, what kind of place is chosen?

[PDF] "Public information Yokohama Konan Ward version September, 1998 issue" which told about decision of 30 views (PDF: 1,281KB)

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Place and commentary of 30 views

Approximate place guide map of 30 views

Commentary sentence is thing at the time of 1998.

  1. Kamiooka office tower which we looked at from Kamakura Highway
    Around Kami-Ooka Station area developing as newly developed city center of Yokohama-shi. Department store, specialty store street, village of inhabitant of a ward Cultural Center sunflowers, redevelopment building with office tower are commerce, duties, bases of culture. [what ward edition to ask for] (PDF: 459KB)
  2. Konan sunflower tunnel
    It is the only tunnel in cyclic Route 2. Tunnel name is invited public participation for by inhabitant of a ward. From much application, name "Konan" of ward and pair of flower "sunflower" of ward were chosen. [what ward edition to ask for] (PDF: 411KB)
  3. Wall and mountain peach blossom of Yokohama prison
    Pink elevated passageway leading to the stage which blooms by wall. By rebuilding construction such as Yokohama prisons, a part of site is going to become use of inhabitant of a ward facility site. When old wall is demolished, maintenance begins. [what ward edition to ask for] (PDF: 494KB)
  4. Cherry blossoms of Sakuramichi
    Cherry blossoms of Sakuramichi got close to inhabitant of a ward most were planted in 1933 by local volunteers and thereafter they protected in hometown and have been brought up. Sakura Festival is held and is full of many people every year. [what ward edition to ask for] (PDF: 457KB)
  5. kontokai of the war dead memorial hall
    Lantern coloring summer kontokai brings on fantastic light and space.
  6. Hinochuuo noshiino tree
    Hino noshiino tree which was appointed to prefecture-designated historic or beauty spots that become formal monuments called around 370 years years old. In May, brown hawk-owl comes for the making of nest every year.
  7. MM21 district to look at from Hino Park graveyard
    Hino Park graveyard where the South Pole expeditionary party Shirose first lieutenant and poet Tokujiro Oyama, many celebrities including Western picture painter Yoshimatsu Goseda sleep. It can face new famous place MM21 district of Yokohama distantly.
  8. Large Okagawa forebay park
    Waterway was completed in 1981 to prevent flood of great Okagawa as much as it linked Isogo Ward from Hino, Konan-ku. Park is maintained before forebay that bamboo grass Shimokawa joins diverted water road and becomes local oasis.
  9. Bairin of Kuraki Park
    There is about 230,000 square meters of Kuraki Park where nature that green different from around station is deep remains when we climb slope of the Kami-Ooka Station east. Bairin in park is got close to as place of inhabitant of a ward of peace. [what ward edition to ask for] (PDF: 508KB)
  10. Azalea of cyclic Route 2
    When cyclic Route 2 Kami-Nagaya Station neighborhood is May, azalea is in full glory all at once and pleases eyes of walker.
  11. Large Okagawa promenade
    Promenade which we can take a walk through casually while getting close to water. We hear cheers of many children playing great Okagawa in summer.
  12. Japanese parsley is signpost of tanibusokokukyo
    Signpost which was built in 1789 (Kansei 1). We distributed Tokaido and Tosando on way of busokokukyo and took duty to transmit much culture in those days. [what ward edition to ask for] (PDF: 424KB)
  13. Shimonagaya Shimin-no-Mori
    As only Shimin-no-Mori in ward, we establish in 1972. On fine day, it can face Mount Fuji and Tanzawa distantly from five Yamami bowers.
  14. Nabetani contact pedestrian bridge
    It is located in front of Nagatani Elementary School, and light cheerful voice of children going to school sounds. It was completed in 1994.
  15. The fresh green around Hibarigaoka school
    There is prefectural Hibarigaoka school in hill of Serigaya. In school among the beautiful fresh green, intellectual child with a disability learns knowledge skill for independent self-support.
  16. Shimonagaya Shinmei Corporation
    When we pass through groves such as ilex, Carpinus tschonoskii of designated fragrant wood of high quality Furuki of city and climb stone stairway, there is various masonry including Goddess of Mercy's seven transformations and travelers' guardian deity.
  17. Gingko nut of Nagatani Tenman-gu Shrine
    Nagatani Tenman-gu Shrine which worships Prince God Michizane Sugawara of study. 1 our body and reason, every year many examinees who engraved own figure on wooden statue of 3 bodies in the next year when enshrined wooden statue took up its new post in Dazaifu visit pass prayer.
  18. Fujidana in front of Kami-Nagaya Station
    The station square bus terminal that was established in 1982. Wisteria blooming from spring to early summer lets you be absent from eyes of people waiting for bus.
  19. Horse Nagarekawa murmuring city park
    We are born as oasis of inhabitant of a ward whom we can take a walk through casually in 1992. River becomes suitable amusement place of children.
  20. Night view (Miyahisa Tamotsu Bridge) of Yokohama-Yokosuka Road
    Expressway which lies across Konan Ward in the north and south from Hodogaya Ward hunting ground to Yokosuka-shi. When it is the weekend, red tail lamp of car of holiday making return is fantastic.
  21. Noba housing complex
    Large-scale residential area that was developed from around 1965. Promenade is maintained in site, and green of tree growing thick gives ease. In the Kamakura Shogunate those days, there was castle called Seki.
  22. Crop scenery of district for exclusive use of Noba agriculture
    It is district for exclusive use of valuable agriculture left alone in ward. Vegetables and seasonal flower coloring dining table of inhabitant of a ward are cultivated here. [what ward edition to ask for] (PDF: 495KB)
  23. Fair of setting the term guardian deity of children
    "Four" days to be accompanied are considered to be (fair) on anniversary of the death every month, and, in guardian deities of children named by one of "Japanese rules in flower arrangement guardian deity of children", it is said that we accomplish by all means if we pray on this day.
  24. Sunflower of Maioka Park
    About 30. On 60,000 square meters of sites, rich green and spring create traditional rural scenery. Flower "sunflower" of ward is in full glory, and corner of park can participate in rice field, agriculture experience including the making of field. [what ward edition to ask for] (PDF: 452KB)
  25. Gate of a tenement house style of virtue favor temple
    Virtue favor temple built in 1860 (Manen 1) has rare gate of a tenement house style in temple. It was half a century since then, and agave of door front produced flower. There is Kasuga Shrine erected in 1099 (Kowa 1) in neighborhood.
  26. Azalea in front of Konan factory environment center
    Destruction by fire factory and use of residual heat facility (welfare center for the old and warm water pool) establish in 1974. He/she pleases user whom azalea in front of Konan factory visits in May.
  27. Sunflower of Hinochuuo Park
    We see cheerful sunflower blooming all over the slope from open space of park in summer. Sound of water flowing through the side of open space makes moisture space of inhabitant of a ward from arbor and waterfall projecting figure on pond.
  28. According to sculpture in front of Konandai Station
    In 1992, eight points of Yokohama sculpture exhibition winning work products are displayed in Konandai station square promenade and form rich walk space. [what ward edition to ask for] (PDF: 438KB)
  29. Cityscape of Konandai which we saw from Mt. Japanese yen sea
    In the Mt. Japanese yen sea said to be roof of Yokohama, it is got close to inhabitants of a ward many as hiking course again suitable as treasure house of wild bird. It can face MM21 district with cityscape of Konandai distantly from here.
  30. Railroad carriage in ward
    In ward, municipal subway and Keikyu, JR Negishi Line run and are used as foot of inhabitant of a ward. [what ward edition to ask for] (PDF: 466KB)

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