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Past sunflower cultivation interchange

Last update date June 16, 2020

Cultivation interchange of 2019 (Raiwa 1)

We jump in interchange contents of each garden when we click the garden name.

Serigaya piyokko nursery school/1, Serigaya park protection society

"Seeding event"
We performed happily while learning type and firewood of kind toward the park protection society.
For everyday walk, aim to "come to see state of sunflower" was added.
Finally we put up signboard and took a ceremonial photograph with all of protection society in children.

"Flowering shooting meeting"
Although the rainy season was behind with flowering for a long time, it bloomed neatly safely. We were taught trivia of sunflower by protection party.
Children presented song and handmade bookmark for thanks, and we shook hands, and shooting fair was over peacefully.

Bamboo grass lower south nursery school/bamboo grass lower Chuo Park protection society

"Seeding event"
They received explanation of seeding from park protection party, and wrote soil carefully as children learned, and they performed watering.
Protection party welcomed completely. Children participate eagerly, too,
"How long do you grow up?" Voice to "want to come to do it without seeing again!" was asked.

"State of flowering"
As heat continued, flowering shooting meeting was not established,
We showed children photograph which class teacher took and conveyed state of growth.
As sunflower which we brought up in nursery school bloomed, we took photograph with all the classes.

Konandai nursery school/Shitanda Park protection society, Taipei, Konan Neighborhood Association

"Seeding event"
Because of unstable weather, we performed in the room. We put soil in the pot and, with various places of park protection society, surrounded species.
We handed announcement of shooting society and promised to meet again when sunflower flowered on the next time.

"Flowering shooting meeting"
After having done shooting party in front of sunflower which greatly grew, we came back to class and interchanged with indoor toy.
Finally we presented photograph which we photographed. As for the protection party in the children triggered by cultivation of sunflower,
We could interchange and were able to enjoy.

Parent and child of Konandai second nursery school/area

"Seeding event"
Children and local parent and child were going to perform seeding together, but were not able to carry out by rain.
We had local parent and child surround species later.
We called out to parent and child who came to garden to play and had you do watering.

"Flowering shooting meeting"
Bud appeared, and leaf grew big as 20th, too, and stem grew rapidly.
We photographed with local children who came to play.

Parent and child of Kamiookahigashi nursery school/area

"Seeding event"
It became group in children of local parent and child and nursery school and performed seeding together. Afterwards, we performed watering in sprinkler.
We put the name plate of local child who participated in flowerpot which sowed seeds.
Consciousness called own "sunflower" increased, and it was pleased that watering became worth doing.

Parent and child, Nico Nico nursery school, Shibata nursery school of Kaminagaya west nursery school/area

"Seeding event"
We performed seeding with local parent and child. Older child using panel shu* eya,
Germination explained flow of flowering clearly.
We performed shu* eo at flower bed and put up water taking water into account in sprinkler happily.
In front of plate of the name that we put up in flower bed, there were parent and child who took souvenir picture.
Which "it was good to be able to experience that we could not readily do it at home" took impression "that we could participate with children and were able to enjoy".

"State of flowering"
As heat is severe, there was not visiting of local person, but is going to show photograph which we photographed at the time of garden liberation.

Parent and child of Noba St. Kei kindergarten/area

"Seeding event"
We invited local parent and child and elderly to garden, and we were representative, and elder group said hello.
We cooperated together and were able to wind up kind while being taught firewood of kind by local people.
I handed tea and cake and card made with elder grappler to everybody who visited and did greetings of thanks.
People of many generations cooperate from adult to child, and carry out an activity having one one; is valuable; was experienced.

"Flowering shooting meeting"
・We had local parent and child and children of cooperation nursery school visit and took a picture in front of sunflower.
Afterwards, we enjoyed production activity or pool play together.
We put photograph which we photographed on bag and round fan which we produced and presented.
・We had you visit nearer the local age and performed photography or the making of round fan.
We went to put photograph, and to present finished round fan and we ate snow cone together and did greetings of thanks later.
We could be usually concerned with various opportunity including few local small children and elderly to interchange and were had a good experience.

minamihino nursery school/small tsubo park protection society

"Seeding event"
We performed and seeding of small tsubo park protection society. We did present of "song" first from greetings and children.
We surrounded species while being taught type, how to plant kinds by protection party.
Finally I ate taking a ceremonial photograph, school lunch together and handed card of prepared sunflower.
As was glad, it is good to have been able to share school lunch; was interchanged.

"Flowering event"
We reported that sunflower bloomed and showed picture of sunflower which each wrote.
We took a ceremonial photograph in front of sunflower together. As it was very hot day, we play with water,
Afterwards, we were able to eat school lunch together again.

Noba second nursery school/Noba good friend Park protection society

"Seeding event"
While people of protection society told kindly, children wound up kind quietly, too.
We did watering while hanging wish in sprinkler which we brought from garden saying "grow up!".
State to talk with about the breeding of sunflower in children was seen. Finally, we take a ceremonial photograph in all the members.
We had people of protection society come together to nursery school and did seeding and watering to planter of garden.

"Flowering event"
On the day of the held shooting society, children were going to go, too, but director and class teacher photographed instead as temperature became higher.
When it came to do water in the end of the rainy season, I could see people of protection society and was able to observe mini-sunflower which bloomed.

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