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Sunflower cultivation interchange

Last update date September 10, 2020

What is sunflower cultivation interchange?

While children interchange with local person in parks of garden and neighborhood, we cultivate flower, sunflower of Konan Ward.

Cultivation interchange of 2020 (Raiwa 2)

We jump in interchange contents of each garden when we click the garden name.

Parent and child of Konandai second nursery school/area

"Seeding event"
We performed seeding only in children because we were not able to carry out interchange childcare.
So that children understand what kind of flower sunflower is,
Teacher is devised and builds label of photograph of sunflower.

Serigaya piyokko nursery school/1, Serigaya park protection society

"Seeding event"
Toward the park protection society of kind sow, and is taught person, and is sunflower-shaped plastic bottle sprinkler
We did watering in turn. For infectious disease measures, we shortened time without presenting song.
Knowing that protection party clean always idle park
We were able to do it.

"Flowering shooting meeting"
Unfortunately sunflower that growth of sunflower was small late did not bloom under the influence of the long rain.
Children were pleased on seeing big sunflower. From children for thanks picture letters
We presented this. We have you take care of flower bed while rain and intense heat continue, and thank you
There was.

Parent and child of Kamiookahigashi nursery school/area

"Seeding event" "flowering shooting meeting"
As interchange with local parent and child was called off, we performed seeding only in children.
Interest is expensive from experience that raised bitter gourds, "do grow up?"
There was figure which sowed seeds while talking happily.

Sunflower greatly matures, "look after teacher! Saying sunflower blooms; as for saying is; informed joyfully.
We described painting of sunflower which bloomed together.

Past sunflower cultivation interchange

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