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Hello! What baby birth present to ask for

Last update date August 2, 2019

Member of *bunyo - Konan Ward government office - hello baby visit - Keikyu Department Store

We present original mini towel of flower "sunflower" of ward handle to put up ward, and to celebrate birth of child becoming Konan inhabitant of a ward newly.
We pray for child growing up in Konan Ward well brightly and perform this approach by cooperation of member of familiar *bunyo (hamamonyo) and Keikyu Department Store and hello baby visit local, to live with the sum handle Japanese towel that we dyed by printing textile printing (nassen) of deep Yokohama tradition of connection in Konan Ward.

Tripartite cooperation image

We produce this plan-limited design mini-towel of flower "sunflower" of ward pattern!
<member of hello baby visit> <Konan Ward government office>
Member of hello baby visit visits with present!
<Keikyu Department Store>
We put the name of child and present embroidery (embroidery) when we bring this towel as mint condition!

We will push forward the "hometown Konan" making of with local all of you from now on.

Child born after January 1, 2014 birth that became Konan inhabitant of a ward newly
[handing over method]
When member of visit of hello baby visit business visits, we bring※

The details such as cooperation companies

*bunyo (hamamonyo)

Original brand that *bunyo made use of technique of design and printing textile printing that were Japanese modern of Yokohama dispatch that Case dealt with.
"Textile printing" means that we dye with dye using model, but there is history for 120 years, and this textile printing work that is local industry of Yokohama boasts of height of quality to the world as "Yokohama scarf".
Textile printing of *bunyo is said to be "printing textile printing of Yokohama tradition", and is founded in Kamiooka in 1948. We are consistent by plan, design, production and sales and win good design prize in 2007, 2008. To product of "*bunyo" such as sense of fun yaosharesa, the modern sum pattern Japanese towel, furoshiki, tradition of Yokohama textile printing still breathes

Keikyu Department Store

In the fifth-floor children's clothes floor of Keikyu Department Store which entered in the opening 18th year, rich mind nohagukumio of children who live in hometown <Konan Ward>, and are brought up for password supports "child care together!", and there is "hug Kumi park" which child care support was based in.
In "hug Kumi park", there are circle open space that can play and room of picture book with more than 100 picture books with cognitive education toy to the age of the month of child and performs various workshops which cooperated with work classroom and Konan Ward including childcare conference again.
In addition, in paid member circle "Keikyu momokakizzu", we perform advance reservations of various special treatments and events and are doing help to enjoy child care.
Press release information about Keikyu Department Store (PDF: 257KB)

Hello baby visit business

When baby is born and raised, we feel safe when there is person watching growth of child together in area.
In Yokohama-shi, "member of hello baby visit" visits all families having baby by four months after birth and plans reduction of childcare anxiety and makes with opportunity of interchange of local member of visit and parent and child.
We support child care while carrying out an activity about child care support, and calling at each home led by local welfare officer or chief children's committee in Konan Ward, and sending local information about child care at the doors.

Press release material

Press release material (PDF: 562KB)

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