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Konan sunflower leading

Last update date September 28, 2020

Konan sunflower leading

Primarily it was produced in 1985 by Konan inhabitant of a ward festival executive committee what it was easy to sing and was easy to dance again that "Konan sunflower leading" raised awareness of oldness and Konan and widened ring of contact.

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Video offer that "beat" & which "danced"

Video offer flyer image

Many festivals have been called off under the influence of new coronavirus infectious disease this summer.
Meanwhile, we want you to taste festive mood even a little! We want to watch dance and drum of everybody! We think of this, and Konan Ward government office recruits "video which danced" of summer classic "Konan sunflower leading" of ward and "videos which they swatted by the sum drum".

→As for the video which had you apply, actually please see the following link

Please download flyer which you wish to download from the following.
◆Konan sunflower leading video offer flyer ◆(PDF: 741KB)


Konan Ward residence, group/individual where attendance at school, working is more important which can do performance by securing of mask wearing, social distance (at least 1m)

Flow of publication

1.Sound source downloading
 Please have downloading (music file (MP3): 4,474KB) of sound source from website of ward.
 Even Regional Promotion Division on the fifth floor of the ward office rents CD.
2.Video shooting
 Please go by principle, each person.
 ※When you photograph at public place, please consider rule manner.
3.Publication method
 You have you put "# Konan sunflower leading" when there is SNS account (YouTube,Twitter,facebook,Instagram either) of each group and post, and please report "group name (the name), video URL, the person in charge full name, contact information" to the following contact information.
 We introduce thing which we were able to confirm in Regional Promotion Division on website of ward.
 When there is not account, please submit finished product (DVD) of data.
 ※Please refer for person having any questions to the following contact information.※

Offer period

From July, 2020 to October, 2020

Outing of 83 (the bee sun) Taro

We want to dance with 83 Taro who appears in "dance person video" of ward! Please consult about person called this.

Bee sun Taro illustration

(contact information: Konan Ward government office Regional Promotion Division youth development charge 045-847-8396)


・About picture which person can identify, please apply after applicant got consent of the person. (in the case of child, please obtain protector's consent)
・About video which had you report, we may publish a part of the image in website of ward. Thank you for your understanding.

Dance person video

※When you enlarge video and see, please push logo of YouTube in the lower right of video. We cannot increase in extended mark of the lower right.
[Konan sunflower leading dance person video]

Video introduction that "beat" & which "danced"

We introduce video which gathered with video which "beat" & which "danced" Konan sunflower leading raising in from July, 2020 to October.
Everybody who had you apply, thank you.

Everybody of Shimonagaya baton club "smile Angels"

We have performance using baton in the latter half, too♪

Everybody of the Noba housing complex fourth Residents' Association "meeting of bloom"

We danced by face shield wearing under the blue sky ♪ 83 Taro is same, too.

Everybody of ball interest Neighborhood Associations "ball interest child society drum club"

We swatted with the sum drum!

Sound source

We can download from the following.
Even ward office Regional Promotion Division (the fifth-floor 54th window) rents CD.
♪Konan sunflower leading sound source ♪ (music file (MP3): 4,474KB)

Lyrics, score, dance flyer

We can download paper which wrote score, dance as the lyrics from the following.
Konan sunflower leading lyrics, score, dance commentary (PDF: 1,018KB)

Konan sunflower leading dance person commentary paper image

Konan sunflower leading score, the lyrics

[Konan sunflower leading]
Versification Miyuki Ishimoto/composition Shosuke Ichikawa/arrangement Makoto Saeki
Song Nobue Matsubara
... lyrics ...
One. Town to look at from Mt. Japanese yen sea (manipulation not to get)
   Aya design (color design) of green and light
   Voice of water of great Okagawa (Okagawa)
   Whom do you talk about the old days with?
   ★Oldness and Konan sunflower leading
   Smile to sing becomes flower
   Dancing figure becomes flower
Two. We shop Kamiooka (we chew and put)
   We come to meet to subway bus
   Summer festival that youth jumps
   Turn around; with sunflower floating float
Three. Contact of comrade not to know
   We become friends that heart goes
   We widen ring to join hands with hand
   Favorite oldness and town planning
Four. Sunflower hydrangea flower today
   The full bloom (hanazakari) when all daughters (we come) are beautiful
   The love time that we could nurse and had
   If I want, wind blows to wife
Five. What is there if Konan pride is similar?
   Blue sky sun new subdivision
   Heart spirit that everybody burns with
   We will represent Yokohama of (tomorrow) tomorrow

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