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Fukaya communication place ruins center open space

Last update date November 19, 2019

[the held end] Fukaya communication place ruins center open space utilization event comes! See! Play! Let's sense area of the sky bodily in open field! !

News from ward office

This event was finished. Thank you for your many visits.

Held summary

[conduct day, conduct time]
Saturday, November 16, 2019 from 10:00 to 15:00 (stormy weather cancellation)
[conduct place]
Fukaya communication place ruins center open space
[disaster prevention zone]
Ladder car display, boarding experience (※ boarding experience closed prior application on October 31.)
Car (the police vehicles) display to act at the time of disaster prevention game, quiz corner, disaster

※For disaster dispatch activity, the Self-Defense Forces vehicle display was called off.

[the Olympics Paralympics zone]
Trampoline experience (there is demonstration by trampoline player, too!)
Sports climbing (bouldering) experience, archery experience
[child, environmental zone]
Pony horseback riding experience (third grader or younger), classification fishing game, child Zoo

About Fukaya communication place ruins


Fukaya communication place ruins are about 1km in diameter that circular shape requisitioned as communication facilities site located at the Izumi Ward southeastern part in 1945 is characterized by, land of about 77ha in area. After return policy agreement between the Japan-U.S. government of October, 2004, return was realized on June 30, 2014.

To page of Yokohama-shi Military Base Division(Policy Bureau) is this about the details

We devise ruins use basic plan in February, 2018 and are pushing forward examination for realization of plan now.

To page of Yokohama-shi Military Base Division(Policy Bureau) is this about the ruins use

Fukaya communication place ruins center open space

We utilize vacant land of returned Fukaya communication place ruins temporarily and open to the public as Fukaya communication place ruins center open space from October, 2016. It is in open space that can sense empty area bodily while maintaining minimum that we made use of extensive grassland in, and running around, and playing, and relaxing leisurely. All of you come by all means.
●As channel is not in the field, please be careful.
●As you establish bench (three) along simple temporary toilet oya passage, please use.

Place, way

●Address: Izumicho, Izumi-ku
[in public transport in the case of the use]
We take by shinnachu bus (the fourth platform Ofuna Station West Exit line, the fifth platform Tozuka bus center line) from municipal subway Blue Line Tateba Station terminal for about five minutes (we operate one for about ten minutes.)
* Bus stop drop off walk seven minutes in front of the Signal Corps
[when you come by car]
We go south on way in Tozuka direction from situation and turn right at prefectural road Akuwa Kamakura (Kamakura rises) near bus stop in front of the Signal Corps
(parking lot for exclusive use of open space: parkable around 20)

The use time

From the sunrise to sunset

In the use

There are some matters to ask for on using open space. We are careful in the responsibility of user enough safely, and cooperation, please so that all of you can spend time comfortably.
[matter to ask for]

  • Please take garbage home.
  • Please stop smoking and fireworks, causing fire including campfire.
  • Please do not run in on car or motorcycle.
  • Animal connects, and please take a walk. Owner, please take care humph.
  • Please stop act that we throw exercise of golf and hard ball, and user may be hurt.
  • Please stop act to be a nuisance to neighborhood.
  • Please stop sale, donation, performance of article, movie, act to be similar to these photography or other as the work.

●About the above, it may be possible by getting preclearance of ward office.
●Approval of ward office is necessary for holding of event to be similar to competition, exhibition, festival, these meeting or other beforehand.
pdf file Summary (PDF: 128KB) about the old Fukaya communication place ruins center open space use
Word Old Fukaya communication place ruins center open space act approval application (word: 15KB)
pdf file Figures of range (PDF: 195KB) of old Fukaya communication place ruins center open spaces
※For more details, please contact person in charge (Ward Administration Promotion Division Planning and Adjustment Section (the third floor 307th) Phone: 045-800-2331 FAX: 045-800-2505).

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