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Izumi play Suichi

Last update date January 9, 2019

Izumi play Suichi 3.4 pond

Image of ground of Izumi play Suichi 4 Pond
Ground of Izumi play Suichi 4 Pond

Izumi play Suichi located in the ward office north side is utilized as exercise facility in time of peace. We are divided into four ponds altogether, and parking lot, 2 ponds become tennis court (Izumichuo tennis garden (outside site)) 1 pond. Please use tennis court after reservation by use of Yokohama-shi citizen facility reservation system (the outside site).

3 ponds

3 ponds become multipurpose open space and pavement truck, and gate ball, petanque, futsal, ground golf can use in open space.

4 ponds

In one lap of 4 ponds, baseball ground is united with soil truck of 200m, and, in the outside of truck, it is in grassland when it is becoming the outfield of baseball among field parts. You can use a lot of extensive space for sports or event.

The use application, reference

  • Izumi play Suichi multi-purpose open space executive committee secretariat TEL: 045-802-7707
  • (public interest incorporated foundation) Association of Yokohama-shi physical education TEL: 045-640-0017

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