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Open space, amusement place

Last update date January 1, 2020

Open space, open field business

We use unused land and unused public land temporarily and anyone installs available open space and open field by cooperation of local people freely both children and adults and runs led by the young people. Six places of open fields of town are one place of area sports open space now. (the location is lot number indication.)

Open field of town

List of open fields of town
 NameThe location
1Open field of wire netting townMinami Nakata 4-533-63
2Open field of Hiromachi open space townThe 1-2492, Nakatakita outside
3Open field of Izumi-Chuo south apartment house Neighborhood Association townThe Izumi-Chuo south 4-2985-4 outside
4Open field of Nakashita young people open space townThe 2-675-46, Nakatanishi outside
5Open field of HigashiharamachiThe 1-1636-1, Nakatahigashi outside
6Open field of Kazurano-choThe Minami Nakata 2-464-19 outside

Area sports open space

List of area sports open spaces
 NameThe location
1Local sports open space in old Fukaya communication placeOld Fukaya communication place

Amusement place business of child

We use unused land temporarily and child is healthy and installs facility which can be idle safely by cooperation of local people and runs. Amusement place of child is seven places now. (the location is lot number indication.)

Amusement place of child

List of amusement places of child
 NameThe location
1Amusement place of lower Izumi house childThe lower 3-1660-27, Izumi outside
2Amusement place of Okatsu-cho child1574, Okazucho
3Amusement place of Namiko Iida840, Kamiiidacho
4Amusement place of Tenjinshita child1068-19, Kamiiidacho
5Amusement place of Iidacho child2518-2, Kamiiidacho
6Amusement place of Kamiiida child4579, Kamiiidacho
7Amusement place of Nakamura Neighborhood Associations child2-1762-32, Nakatahigashi

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