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Last update date January 8, 2021

About Yokohama-shi statistical documentation

Yokohama-shi statistical documentation recorded population, economy, society, basic statistical data over each field including culture generally and clarified the present situation and change of the demographic, social and economic conditions in a city. We publish the first edition in 1903 (Christian era 1903) and are publishing the 98th version now.
We update Yokohama-shi statistical documentation [web version] sequentially as soon as we obtain the latest information ahead of booklet publication. As a general rule, we publish contents of 2019 (degree), but are publishing former number about statistics investigation of conduct now once in several years.
In addition, as a general rule, we update update and listed statistical table in the latest information once a month at any time.
You can see Yokohama-shi statistical documentation [binding is edition] in each library of Yokohama City Univ., Yokohama City Hall the third floor citizen information center. In addition, we sell the 98th latest Yokohama-shi statistical documentation in Yokohama-shi citizen information center.
As for the details, please see this. ⇒ To notice of publication


  1. As a general rule, number relates to only Motoichi. But thing which was important even to information which could not grasp number only about Motoichi from limit of in property or material collection about materials noted the range and published.
  2. About statistics findings that published detailed report separately in each Motoichi station, the reprinting left in outline, and the details entrusted to each report.
  3. On the left of margin, we published numerical unit. But we published thing with plural units in table head, face. In addition, at a glance clear thing omitted.
  4. We published the source of statistical data in the lower left of margin. Again thing with reports the title of a book "added. In addition, it may be different from current name and post in charge as, as a general rule, names such as departments becoming the source of statistical data are things as of in annual when statistical data shows or the year.
  5. Numerical fraction less than a unit should have been rounding off. Therefore, number that piled up breakdown may not accord with number of the total.
  6. Marks which we used by statistical table are as follows.
  • As a result of having rounded off "0" pertinent numbers, it did not reach unit
  • Of "-" pertinent number there is not
  • "…"Pertinent number is unknown or unclear
  • There was "X" pertinent number, but refrained from public announcement
  • We shoot, and "#" pertinent number is number
  • Or "△" negative number decreased
  • We added up breakdown of the total (the total number) of "update" item in another classification item, and are included in the total (the total number)
  • It is not included in the total (the total number) of "separate paragraph" table publishing

Attention in case of the back number use
As data of back number retroact, and they may be revised, we ask you to confirm by the later data.

About correction to ⇒ apology and correction

Update history

Update history (latest: on January 8, 2021) (Excel: 56KB)

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