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Yokohama-shi statistical documentation Chapter 13 labor

Last update date November 30, 2020

In this chapter, we publish the situation, employment insurance of job offer, statistics about labor union, dispute, statistics about employment state, office hours.
Statistical tableThe latest publication year
(the year, time)
1 job placement situation
(1) General (except new university graduate person including part-time) all quantity (Excel: 100KB)R1
(2) General (except new university graduate person and part-time) all quantity (Excel: 98KB)R1
(3) Industry, the number of the scales new job offers public (except part-time) all quantity (Excel: 91KB)R1
(4) Middle senior citizen (Excel: 97KB)R1
(5) Daily employment (Excel: 70KB)R1
(6) Person with a disability (Excel: 75KB)R1
(7) New university graduate (junior high school) (Excel: 82KB)R1
(8) New university graduate (high school) (Excel: 88KB)R1
2 employment insurance
(1) The public (Excel: 85KB)R1
(2) Daily employment (Excel: 79KB)R1
The situation according to administrative section of 3 labor unions
(1) The laws (Excel: 127KB)R1
(2) Industrial (Excel: 161KB)R1
4 labor disputes occurrence situation
(1) The number of disputes according to dispute form (Excel: 16KB)R1
(2) The number of disputes according to main requirements (Excel: 13KB)R1
5 Workmen's Accident Compensation Insurance payment situation (Excel: 67KB)R1
Employment structure basics findings (table 6-12)
6 employment state, man and woman, population (Excel: 45KB) according to age-gradeH29
7 employment state, education, age-grade, men's and women's population (Excel: 49KB)H29
8 employment state, family relationship, age-grade with family nurturer, men's and women's population (Excel: 61KB)H29
9 men and women, employment state, population (Excel: 57KB) according to type of income of householdH29
10 men and women, age, position in employment, employment form, number of the employees according to having company or not (Excel: 55KB)H29
11 men and women, industry, position in employment, employment form, having company or not, annual employment days, regularity of employment, number of the people of working according to week office hours (Excel: 78KB)H29
12 industry, number of the working people according to age-grade (Excel: 46KB)H29

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