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Yokohama-shi statistical documentation Chapter 14 social welfare

Last update date December 28, 2020

In this chapter, we publish welfare for the elderly, welfare of persons with disabilities, elementary school student and domestic welfare, social security, National Health Insurance, National Pension Plan (Kokumin Nenkin), statistics about social welfare including The Long-term Care Insurance.
Statistical tableThe latest publication year
(the year, time)
Investigations (Excel: 133KB) such as 1 social welfare facilityH30
The number of 2 local welfare officers (Excel: 69KB)R1
Activities (Excel: 19KB) of 3 local welfare officersR1
4 social security
(1) Protection costs according to aid (Excel: 121KB)R1
(2) The number of the cover welfare family (Excel: 158KB) occasional update according to work force type, household typeR2.11
(3) The protection staff (Excel: 114KB) according to aid occasional updateR2.11
(4) The situation (Excel: 113KB) of cover welfare family and the staffR1
5 National Health Insurance
(1) The National Health Insurance payment situation (Excel: 125KB)R1
(2) The number of the National Health Insurance people insured and the premium collection situation (Excel: 98KB)R1
(3) Specific medical checkup state of implementation (Excel: 55KB)H30
6 National Pension Plan (Kokumin Nenkin)
(1) No contributory pensions (Excel: 93KB)R1
(2) Contributory pensions (Excel: 120KB)R1
7 The Long-term Care Insurance
(1) The situation (Excel: 13KB) of The Long-term Care Insurance payment costsR1
(2) The Long-term Care Insurance person insured, authorized person, the situation (Excel: 79KB) of the premium collectionR1
(3) The authorized situation (Excel: 75KB) according to need of nursing care degreeR1
(4) The situation 1 (Excel: 76KB) of care insurance facilityR1
(5) The situation 2 (Excel: 56KB) of care insurance facilityR1
(6) The situation (Excel: 14KB) of The Long-term Care Insurance companyR2
The welfare of 8 elderly people
(1) Welfare for the elderly facility (Excel: 69KB)R1
(2) The situation (Excel: 105KB) of community care plaza, welfare center for the old and old man rest houseR1
(3) The elderly aged 75 or over medical care benefits situation (Excel: 22KB)R1
The welfare of 9 people with a disability
(1) The certificate of the physically disabled grant situation (Excel: 80KB)R1
(2) The general condition (Excel: 50KB) of law to help the disabled become financially independent payment service (facility)R1
(3) The number of the basic grasp (Excel: 106KB) such as mental patientsR1
(4) The mental health welfare notebook grant situation (Excel: 68KB)R1
(5) The use of mental patient life support center situation (Excel: 17KB)R1
(6) The general conditions (Excel: 16KB) such as mental patient halfway housesR1
(7) The mentally-disabled person "notebook of love" (nursing notebook) grant situation (Excel: 76KB)R1
(8) Various medical treatment supply situation (Excel: 13KB)R1
(9) The general condition (Excel: 76KB) of the welfare work centerR1
10 elementary school student and domestic welfare
(1) The consultation reception desk situation (Excel: 67KB) of children's guidance officeR1
(2) The consultation processing situation (Excel: 82KB) of children's guidance officeR1
(3) The general condition 1 (Excel: 60KB) of child welfare institutionR1
(4) The general condition 2 (Excel: 61KB) of child welfare institutionR1
(5) The general conditions (Excel: 86KB) such as nursery schoolsR1
(6) The general condition (Excel: 60KB) of Yokohama nersery roomR1
(7) Medical expenses of single-parent homes, the general condition (Excel: 13KB) of children medical expenses R1
(8) The foster parent trust general condition (Excel: 57KB)R1
(9) The number of the recipients of Child Raising Allowance (Excel: 18KB)R1
(10) The payment situation (Excel: 17KB) of Child AllowanceR1
11 and others
(1) The mother and the child, father and son, the widow welfare fund loan situation (Excel: 18KB)R1
(2) The vocational training situation (Excel: 15KB)R1
(3) The general condition (Excel: 15KB) of worker welfare mutual aidR1
Data which finished 99 or other update
The welfare geriatric medicine (Excel: 22KB) of elderly personH19
The general condition (Excel: 106KB) of the welfare person with a physical disability rebirth protection facility of person with a disabilityH23
The general condition (Excel: 59KB) of the welfare mentally-disabled person protection facility of person with a disabilityH23
The welfare at-home people experiencing disability allowance of person with a disability (Excel: 14KB)H21
Other welfare mutual aid traffic accident (Excel: 15KB)H20

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