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Yokohama-shi statistical documentation Chapter 1 land and the weather

Last update date January 8, 2021

In this chapter, we publish city limits area, land prices, statistics about land including land utility plan and temperature, statistics about the weather including precipitation.
Statistical tableThe latest publication year
(the year, time)
The history of city limits expansion after 1 municipal organization enforcement (Excel: 14KB)R2
The change (Excel: 16KB) of site area of administrative section after 2 constituency system enforcementR2
3 positions, area and most highlands (Excel: 84KB)R2
Land area according to 4 classification of land and category
(1) The general condition (Excel: 15KB)R2
(2) Area (Excel: 171KB) that is targeted for taxation according to administrative sectionR2
Residential land area (Excel: 235KB) according to district according to 5 administrative sectionsR2
6 land utility plans
(1) City planning area and restricted zone (Excel: 110KB)R1
(2) Firebreak zone and high district (Excel: 102KB)R1
(3) Other areas and district (Excel: 122KB)R1
Average price according to 7 declared land value uses and regulation (Excel: 132KB)R2
8 weather observation
(1) The general weather outlook (Excel: 141KB) occasional updateR2.12
(2) Extreme value (Excel: 92KB) of temperature, humidity, the wind velocity and precipitation occasional updateR2.12
(3) Update occasional in the days (Excel: 79KB) according to weather itemR2.12
Data which finished 99 or other update
Land area (before 2010) according to classification of land and category (Excel: 158KB)H22

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Chapter 1 land and the weatherChapter 2 populationChapter 3 officeChapter 4 agriculture and forestry business and fisheryChapter 5 industryChapter 6 commerce and service industry
Chapter 7 finance and insuranceChapter 8 trade and harborChapter 9 road, transportation and communicationChapter 10 building and houseChapter 11 electricity, gas and water and sewageChapter 12 prices and the family budgetChapter 13 labor
Chapter 14 social welfareChapter 15 hygiene and environmentChapter 16 education and cultureThe Chapter 17 judiciary and the peace and orderChapter 18 civic economic calculation and table of economical statisticsChapter 19 financeChapter 20 election, assembly and city officials

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