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Yokohama-shi statistical documentation Chapter 8 trade and harbor

Last update date January 8, 2021

In this chapter, we publish statistics about trade, ship in Yokohama Port, freight traffic.
Statistical tableThe latest publication year
(the year, time)
Item of 1 Yokohama Port, export amount of money (Excel: 618KB) according to countryR1
Item of 2 Yokohama Port, import amount of money (Excel: 405KB) according to countryR1
Harbor findings (table 3-6)
The monthly general condition (Excel: 136KB) of 3 Yokohama PortR1
The situation of 4 arrival in port ships
(1) Ton floors (Excel: 69KB)R1
(2) Ship classification (Excel: 75KB)R1
(3) Nationality (ocean liner) (Excel: 74KB)R1
(4) Routes (ocean liner) (Excel: 87KB)R1
The situation of 5 sea entrance and exit freight
(1) In kind Betsukai entrance and exit freight amount (Excel: 73KB)R1
(2) Foreign trade kinds, export freight amount (Excel: 125KB) according to last forwarding area, countryR1
(3) Import freight amount (Excel: 132KB) according to foreign trade kinds, beginning catering area, countryR1
(4) Domestic trade kinds, the forwarding ground freight amount (Excel: 69KB) to shiftR1
(5) Domestic trade kinds, introduction freight amount (Excel: 67KB) according to catering placeR1
(6) The handling freight amount (Excel: 68KB) according to the harbor facilitiesR1
Traffic (Excel: 70KB) according to 6 container number main pivot routesR1
7 ship water supply (Excel: 85KB) occasional updateR2.11

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