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Member of the House of Representatives general election (the November 9, 2003 execution) summary

Last update date March 20, 2019


October 10, 2003 dissolution (term expiration day June 24, 2004)
It is determined on the same day in election date cabinet meeting

2.The investigation by term

Start November 9, 2003 of term
Expiration November 8, 2007 of term
The fixed number
Each one single-seat constituencies single-seat constituencies
22 proportional representation South Kanto electoral districts
The number of the candidates
Single-seat constituencies
Three best ward four Kanagawa fifth wards in Kanagawa
Five Kanagawa second ward three Kanagawa sixth wards
Three Kanagawa third ward five Kanagawa seventh wards
Four Kanagawa fourth ward four Kanagawa eighth wards
Proportional representation
South Kanto electoral district 5 party (73 84 house overlap candidates)

3.Registration (at the time of election) of electoral list

Basic date October 27, 2003
(about age of elector date of election)
Registration day October 27, 2003
List general inspection period October 28, 2003 and 29th

4.Public announcement day of election date

October 28, 2003

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