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Specifications (Port and Harbor Bureau)

Last update date September 27, 2019

Special mention specifications

(we download PDF file and are available)
NumberNameFile sizeUpdate
2Special mention specifications about designation such as construction methodsPortable Document Format (PDF: 58KB)June 1, 2011
5Special mention specifications about the spot environment improvementPortable Document Format (PDF: 60KB)July 1, 2019
7Special mention specifications about securing of quality of concrete structurePortable Document Format (PDF: 147KB)November 1, 2015
9Special mention specifications about examination for intermediate technologyPortable Document Format (PDF: 48KB)April 1, 2004
10It is special mention specifications about conduct of VE method after the contractPortable Document Format (PDF: 100KB)April 1, 2004
11Special mention specifications accompanied with anchor bolt constructionPortable Document Format (PDF: 53KB)February 16, 2004
16Whole Port and Harbor Bureau jurisdiction construction special mention specifications

Portable Document Format (PDF: 210KB)
Entry style (Excel: 29KB)

April 1, 2013
17Special mention specifications about one day responsePortable Document Format (PDF: 70KB)April 1, 2015
18Special mention specifications about setting of Port and Harbor Bureau manhole cast iron coverPortable Document Format (PDF: 297KB)April 1, 2019

Special mention specifications about multiplication of work to be within one day, and to be completed

Portable Document Format (PDF: 60KB)July 1, 2017

Special mention specifications about small blackboard information computerization of digital construction photograph

Portable Document Format (PDF: 93KB)January 15, 2018
21Special mention specifications (Port and Harbor Bureau) about setting of comfortable restroomPortable Document Format (PDF: 71KB)July 1, 2019

  • In the specifications (City of Yokohama, Port and Harbor Bureau), designated (as for the use re) special mention specifications doing, please see design book as thing to apply other than the above

Special remarks

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