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Summary of system for privacy protection of city

Last update date April 2, 2019

Advancement of information processing advances, and the modern society brings much convenience for civic life, but the risk that privacy is violated has been increasing by personal information collecting in large quantities at the same time and being accumulated, and circulating.

We establish the regulations about protection of Yokohama-shi personal information in February, 2000 to establish protection system of general personal information in Yokohama-shi and, based on these regulations, aim at promotion of reliable municipal administration in peace by city handling personal information appropriately.

1. Personal information that the regulations intend for

(1)"Personal information" (regulations Article 2 Paragraph 3)

With "personal information" targeted for the regulations, we say things which it is possible for to distinguish authorized individual by (Address, Phone number, title) (person of = world public knows these information with specific personal thing) such as other descriptions or thing including personal identity mark (my number, DNA information) on full name, the date of birth.

In addition, those information corresponds to "personal information" when specific individual is distinguished even if it is not revealed by information of none of nothing authorized individual by putting some these information and information that generally is announced together.

(2)"Possession personal information" (regulations Article 2 Paragraph 6)

"Possession personal information" means personal information recorded in administrative document which city holds.

(3)"Personal information file" (regulations Article 2 Paragraph 7)

"Personal information file" means aggregate of information that we constituted systematically to be able to search specific possession personal information easily.

2. Protection of personal information that Yokohama-shi deals with

(1)City, company, civic duty

A. Duty (regulations Article 3) of city

City takes necessary measures about protection of personal information to achieve purpose of these regulations and must try for protection of personal information through every measure.

i. Duty (regulations Article 4) of company (including individual running business)

Company recognizes importance of protection of personal information and acts to take necessary measures about prevention of infringement of personal right profit accompanied with the handling of the personal information to hold by oneself and must cooperate with measure of city about protection of personal information.

Cormorant. Civic duty (regulations Article 5)

Citizen recognizes importance of protection of personal information and deals with personal information appropriately and must serve not to make any violating right benefit of another person.

(2)Reading (regulations Article 6 Paragraph 4) of report of desk work start to deal with personal information

About desk work to deal with personal information that city performs, we announce registration form which listed record item of personal information, range of eligible people, purpose of desk work in citizen's information center.

(3)Identification, clear statement (regulations Article 7, Article 8 Paragraph 2) of the use purpose

When city holds personal information, we identify the use purpose as much as possible and hold as far as it is necessary. In addition, as a general rule, we state the use purpose clearly to the person when we collect personal information from the person in writing directly.

(4)Limit (regulations Article 8 Paragraph 1, Paragraph 3) of collection

When city collects personal information, as a general rule, we collect from the person. In addition, as a general rule, we do not collect personal information that may cause cause of information about thought, creed, religion and social discrimination.

(5)Appropriate management duty (regulations Article 9)

We keep personal information that city holds the correct and latest state and leak and are lost and we come and take necessary measures for loss, prevention of manipulation. We discard immediately, and personal information that was not necessary removes.

Across range of the use purpose, we use personal information in the inside of city and, as a general rule, do not perform what we provide outside the city.

(7)Limit (regulations Article 12, Article 13) of computer processing

We take measures necessary to protect personal information after having listened to opinion of council for Yokohama-shi personal information protection when city including systematization starts computer processing about personal information newly.

(8)Measures (regulations Article 14) accompanied with trust of desk work

We take measures necessary to protect personal information after having listened to opinion of council for Yokohama-shi personal information protection when we consign desk work that city deals with personal information in newly outside.

(9)Reading (regulations Article 19) of personal information file book

We announce personal information file book which listed summary of main personal information file which city holds in citizen's information center.

(10)Participation (regulations Article 20, Article 34, Article 43, Article 50) of the person for possession personal information

Anyone can perform request for disclosure, request for correction, request for suspension, proposal of correction about personal information of self whom city holds.

(11)Penal regulations (the regulations 67-71 article) to unjust person who used

When we perform the following act, penal regulations such as imprisonment or fine are applied.

  • When we offer personal information file without sufficient reason, and the staff (we include after the Retirement) of city has offer, misappropriation of possession personal information for the purpose of planning unjust profit
  • When the staff of city abuses the official authority and collects information to belong to personal secret regardless of duties
  • When members such as the council which the mayor, deputy mayor, government enterprise manager, administrative committee committee member, city set up express matter belonging to personal secret that we were able to know in duties
  • When workers of trust desk work to deal with dispatched worker and personal information offer personal information file without sufficient reason, and offer, misappropriation does possession personal information for the purpose of planning unjust profit
  • When, by unjust means, we receive disclosure of personal information by request for person disclosure (correctional fine)

3. Council for personal information protection, third party evaluation Committee about personal information protection

We install the Yokohama-shi personal information protection council to organize with person of learning, committee member within ten including lawyer as affiliated organization of city and perform the deliberation about the handling of personal information with engine of city.

In addition, we set up third party evaluation Committee about Yokohama-shi personal information protection as sectional meeting of the council and perform investigations about the handling situation of personal information in engine of city practically.

4.Personal information protection in social security, tax number system (my number system)

Basic policy (October, 2015 development) about safety management of Yokohama-shi identification personal information (PDF: 135KB) [PDF136KB]

[related link] (we move to other sites)

5.Personal information handling special remarks

When trustee deals with personal information in "trust business" such as business consignment and collaboration business, in Yokohama-shi, we apply "personal information handling special remarks" to contracts. By performing oath and the training to workers such as trustees beforehand, plan protection of personal information.

Personal information handling special remarks (October, 2015) (word: 24KB) (Word format)
(we may be revised depending on individual contract contents appropriately.)

  • About written oath (style 1), in the case of the training conduct finished, trustee does not mind even the copying by other similar trust business before the same year.
  • About the training conduct report (style 2), attachment such as materials used in the training is unnecessary.


  • Inquiry about personal information handling special remarks to the following
  • About individual contract contents to departments in charge such as each trust business

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