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Permission based on Town Planning and Zoning Act Article 65

Last update date July 27, 2020


It limits city planning facility which received the authorization of city planning business and approval or building which can cause obstacle of the enforcement of business in the business ground of urban development business.

Act that is targeted for permission

Act to show next that might obstacle to the enforcement of city planning business in the city planning business ground.

  1. Change of form and essence of land
  2. Construction of building
  3. Construction of workpiece
  4. Weight setting of article more than 5t or sedimentation (is divided easily, and remove thing which becomes with 5t or less of weight of each divided part each.)

Permission standards

When notification (Town Planning and Zoning Act Article 62 Paragraph 1) of the business authorization and approval is done, permission regulations of law Article 53 are not applied, and permission regulations of law Article 65 are applied.
As a general rule, we cannot perform construction of building in city planning business place, but may admit when we were able to confirm if we do not have problem in the enforcement of business. For example, acts in the upper part of tunnel (basement) structure correspond. Please consult about procedures early.
※Area targeted for law Article 65 becomes municipal facilities shown with yellow in "the city planning business authorization (municipal facilities) situation" of i- muppie (the outside site) or muppie.

Documents submission method

For prevention of new coronavirus infection spread, I would like cooperation of submission of documents by "mail" for the time being.

At first, I would like consultation with telephone beforehand.

Permission procedure period

※For approach of prevention of new coronavirus infection spread, we need time more than normal procedure periods.

After documents arrived; is almost around 2-3 weeks.

Inquiry and permission application

Reference and permission application
ChargePhone numberAddressZip code
Person in charge of Housing and Architecture Bureau City Planning Division instruction045-671-35106-50-10, Honcho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi city hall 25F231-0005

※Prior consultation, please ask each company to show to list shown below the details of business.

It is municipal facilities of (thing receiving notification such as the business authorization) under main business
City Name of the facilityCompaniesPhone number
High-speed Yokohama loop north lineThe Metropolitan expressway Kanagawa station investigation, Environment Division045-451-7928
High speed Yokohama loop-formed northwest lineKitahassakucho, Midori-ku, Ikebemachi, Tsuzuki-ku othersCity of Yokohama, Road and Highway Bureau
Yokohama beltway adjustment section
Ichigaocho, Aoba-ku, Shimoyamotocho and Kawamukaicho, Tsuzuki-kuMetropolitan expressway
Kanagawa station investigation, Environment Division
Line direct to Sotetsu, JRIncorporated administrative agency Japan Railway Construction, Transport and Technology Agency03-5403-8745
Line direct to Sotetsu, Tokyu03-5403-8744
Other city planning roadsCity of Yokohama, Road and Highway Bureau construction section045-671-3521

Required documents

Permission application and various attached books are necessary three copies of all or more except letter pack plus (※ 1).

  1. Permission application
  2. Proxy (when entrusted)
  3. Copy of prior consultation book
  4. Guide map (1/2500 reduced scale that listed direction, site position, public facilities around the site or more things)
  5. Plan (1/500 reduced scale that listed position, direction of building in site, site boundary line, site and relations with road or more things)
  6. Ground plan (1/200 reduced scale or more things)
  7. Elevation (1/200 reduced scale or more things. We need more than two elevations.)
  8. Cross section (1/200 reduced scale or more things. We need more than two cross sections.)
  9. Documents which load to mount can identify
  10. Copying (thing which lot number of application place is included in) of public sectional map
  11. Copy of entry certificate (thing which superficies setting contents of application place are listed in)
  12. Letter pack plus (※ 2) for reply

※1: The normal submission number of copies is three copies. But, in the case of "line direct to Sotetsu, JR" or "line direct to Sotetsu, Tokyu", city planning business is necessary four copies.

※2: Letter pack plus for reply is red. As you are different from blue letter pack, please be careful.

Please submit after filling out "zip code" and the "destination" column.

Application style, attachment

Application style, attachment
Application classificationStyle 1Style 2
Article 65 permission applicationArticle 65 permission application (word: 28KB)Article 65 permission application (PDF: 218KB)


(when we withdraw application before notice of allowance during application by Article 65 permission)

torishitatodoke (PDF: 99KB)torishitatodoke (word: 23KB)

Report of cancellation

(when we cancel thing which already acquired Article 65 permission)

Report of cancellation (PDF: 103KB)Report of cancellation (word: 23KB)

Change approval application

(when we make slight change about thing which already acquired Article 65 permission)

※Please submit after performing prior consultation with the person in charge.

Change approval application (PDF: 107KB)Change approval application (word: 23KB)

Succession registration form of position

(when we succeed position about thing which already acquired Article 65 permission)

Succession registration form (PDF: 102KB) of positionSuccession registration form (word: 23KB) of position


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Person who does not have can download free of charge from Adobe company.
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