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The making of rule of town

Last update date November 19, 2018

With the making of rule of town

Rule of how to build use of land and buildings is established by city planning and law. In addition, we talk about and by establishing the local "smooth rule", can make town Nami with maintenance and a space of living environment with local everybody.

Contents of rule

We can establish concrete rule about how to build following buildings.

  • Use of building
  • Scale (coverage ratio, floor area ratio) of building
  • The height of the building
  • Retreat distance of outer wall from road and site border
  • The area of the site
  • Type of wall


Structure of the making of rule

Structure establishing "smooth rule" includes city planning or agreement on building standards.

City planning

"We establish rule that we talk about in area and decided as city planning and protect in the regulations of Yokohama-shi.

Agreement on building standards

We protect rule that we talk about in area and decided in response to the authorization of the mayor in the agreement on building standards governing board consisting of local residents. In addition, we can set expiration date optionally.

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