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Middle Horikawa water and green promenade maintenance

Last update date November 7, 2018

Middle Horikawa promenade (the neighborhood of prefectural housing corporation Kamishirane apartment house ... quotient Bridge) was opened!

Medium moat prom photograph 1

Water and green that the murmuring drifted to middle Horikawa used as rainwater drainage with the sewer maintenance regenerated middle Horikawa promenade as rich promenade. About 410m (the neighborhood of prefectural housing corporation Kamishirane apartment house ... quotient Bridge) of the downstream part was opened.
We devised maintenance plan while holding workshop by participation of local various places (Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations person concerned, about 30 people including open call for participants inhabitant of a ward) for two years of 2006-2007 on pushing forward promenade maintenance business, and taking in local opinion and suggestion.
Like the upper reaches section (bridge of Nakahara Highway - 1, Kamishirane) which opened in March, 2009, please use as place of recreation and relaxation for local all of you.

Middle Horikawa guide map

The highlight

The murmuring spreads in promenade and it is full of green and can enjoy colorful flower. Yoshino cherry tree and Kawazu-zakura, various cherry blossoms including weeping cherry tree become in full bloom and, in spring, can enjoy cherry blossom viewing among other things. In addition, there is well of classic stirrup pump here and there.
Break is slightly recommended in "Kamishirane hometown Park" and "Kamishirane community house" if tired from walk.

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