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It is approach for becoming independence of reproduction business in Sakonyama housing complex

Last update date October 6, 2020

1 purpose

 Asahi Ward collaborates with area in Sakonyama housing complex and works on reproduction of large-scale housing complex from 2017. Although constant result is given through the approach, support of ward continues from approach start, and it becomes problem that area lets-centered make business continuation. Will place response to this problem solution as civic collaboration business of Civic Affairs Bureau in future, of ward and area, company invite public participation for company of this approach tripartite, to promote.

2 approach contents

 During the business period until 2022, we aim at building structure which area secures leading figure and fund of activity, and can run approach of housing complex reproduction.

Process of 3 business

 Civic Affairs Bureau invites public participation for expert in open call for participants type proposal system as civic collaboration suggestion support project, and Yokohama-shi promotion of civic cooperation Committee to have jurisdiction over examines generally. Ward receives the result and chooses expert.
(1) Suggestion business name
   "NPO corporation oar sakonyamano functional enhancement"
(2) Open call for participants schedule
    Open call for participants period :From Friday, June 5 to Wednesday, July 15
    The company choice: The late July and late August
(3) Open call for participants contents
    We refer to offer essential point (Asahi Ward version) (PDF: 238KB)
(4) Open call for participants material
   ・Submission style 1-3 (word: 24KB) 
   ・Material 1 (PDF: 309KB)
   ・Material 2 (PDF: 487KB)
   ・Material 3 (PDF: 871KB)
   ・Material 4 (PDF: 3,489KB)
   ・Material 5 (PDF: 735KB)
   ・Written inquiry (word: 18KB)
(5) Additional submission material (June 18, 2020 update)
   Very I apologize for the inconvenience, but we put together, and, about suggestion style of the following citizen collaboration business, submission, please.
   ・The first style (word: 20KB)
   ・No. 4 style (word: 19KB)

4 question answers

When there is doubt about contents such as open call for participants materials, is wish by submission of written inquiry by next
We let you be. In addition, of questionary when there is not, submission of written inquiry is unnecessary.
(1) Deadline for submission: Until Friday, June 12, 2020
(2) Submission method: E-mail (but please perform incoming confirmation over telephone)
(3) Submission: [email protected]
(4) We reply by E-mail by 17:00 on answer day and method Friday, June 19, 2020.
(5) Reference: Asahi Ward Ward Administration Promotion Division University scale housing complex reproduction charge (TEL: 045-954-6027)

About submission of 5 proposals

In submission of proposal, please see web page about the following "suggestion support of civic collaboration business".
About "suggestion support of civic collaboration business"

6 choice results

About civic collaboration business "NPO corporation oar sakonyamano functional enhancement", we identified trust candidate in open call for participants type proposal system and contracted.

(1) The other party of contract
   NPO corporation Yokohama planners network

(2) Contract day
   September 25, 2020

(3) The general comment of the whole selection
  ・Viewpoint and individuality including suggestion balancing for suggestion, moderation that are suggestion, student with projecting vision-centered pinpoint are zen
   There was suggestion that varied in ku.
  ・While all companies kept expertise alive, we felt that we seemed to be able to carry out while making up each other.
  ・We touched score in place that charm that market of Sakonyama was made use of and brought about profit, and to raise the durability was high in.
  ・After core including main leading figure such as reinforcement of the secretariat function, and feeling will providing possibility of continuation through voluntary business
   We put weight in this and examined.

Evaluation result
OrderSupplier nameScore
1NPO corporation Yokohama planners network72.25

(4) Held progress of Yokohama-shi promotion of civic cooperation center business sectional meeting
  ・The date and time: From August 19 9:00 to 12:00
  ・Place: Yokohama-shi promotion of civic cooperation center space A
  ・The situation of sectional meeting committee member present: Committee member five of five attendance (100% of sufficiency rates)
   ※Evaluation standard according to the attached sheet (PDF: 168KB)

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