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Large-scale housing complex reproduction business for realization of SDGs city of the future

Last update date June 5, 2020

Business summary

Rapid aging advances at the same time, and, in large-scale housing complex developed all at once in the 50s in the 40, Showa generation, there are problems such as increase of needs of medical care, care, life support, lack of leading figure of local action.
We gather reproduction vision appropriate for each housing complex in three districts (Wakabadai, Sakonyama, Hikarigaoka) of Asahi Ward and develop the examination result as model of housing complex reproduction for all cities.

Asahi Ward University scale housing complex reproduction vision

About development of "Asahi-ku, Yokohama-shi University scale housing complex reproduction vision"
About conduct result of "business consignment about Asahi Ward University scale housing complex vision development" nomination type proposal (the outside site)

Approach of each housing complex


The SDGs Wakabadai front desk
Business cooperation agreement about promotion of Wakabadai, Yokohama miraizukuri plan


It is approach for becoming independence of reproduction business in Sakonyama housing complex
Local support activity experimental project by university student in large-scale housing complex
About conduct of open call for participants type designated bidding of functions investigation examination business consignment necessary for Sakonyama housing complex district reproduction

Hikarigaoka, west Hikarigaoka

About former Hikarigaoka Elementary School ruins utilization

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