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Large-scale housing complex reproduction business for realization of SDGs city of the future

Last update date October 8, 2020

Business summary

Large-scale housing complex which passed more than 35 years old has about 50 housing complex in Yokohama-shi. As for these housing complex developed as living environment which is full of green, and is good, it is necessary that the person concerned and the relations ward station cooperate on both sides of hardware and software and push forward examination now that problems such as needs increase of medical care, care, life support, moving to accompanied with low birthrate and aging are actualized and solve these.
In Asahi Ward, there is four large-scale housing complex (Wakabadai housing complex, Sakonyama housing complex, Hikarigaoka housing complex, the west Hikarigaoka housing complex), and traffic movement to take all 15 minutes or more to the nearest station is located in inconvenient area. Because it was developed relatively early with such a background, population decline and aging progress in comparison with other housing complex in the city, and various problems are actualized.
"Asahi Ward University scale housing complex reproduction experimental project which fixed its eyes on the Year 2025 Problem" began from 2017 to precede by approach of problem solution, and to start in the large-scale housing complex of these four. This is approach of town development that local resident and company, university, the government collaborate.
Experimental project was finished in 2019, but we send town development of future intention that adopted viewpoint of SDGs to housing complex reproduction, and independent cooperation of area and company aims at what activity makes independence by 2023 by being developed.
About result of Asahi Ward University scale housing complex reproduction experimental project which fixed its eyes on the Year 2025 Problem for 3 years (PDF: 678KB)

Asahi Ward University scale housing complex reproduction vision

About development of "Asahi-ku, Yokohama-shi University scale housing complex reproduction vision"
About conduct result of "business consignment about Asahi Ward University scale housing complex vision development" nomination type proposal

Approach of each housing complex


The SDGs Wakabadai front desk
Business cooperation agreement about promotion of Wakabadai, Yokohama miraizukuri plan


It is approach for becoming independence of reproduction business in Sakonyama housing complex
Local support activity experimental project by university student in large-scale housing complex
About conduct of open call for participants type designated bidding of functions investigation examination business consignment necessary for Sakonyama housing complex district reproduction

Hikarigaoka, west Hikarigaoka

About former Hikarigaoka Elementary School ruins utilization

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