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The sixth green leaves inhabitant of a ward marathon event [meeting result]

[Sunday, November 24 information] We hold marathon event on schedule! Thank you for your cooperation for all of you, traffic regulation and runner support by roadside. We hold green leaves inhabitant of a ward marathon event having favorable reception this year every year! It is 10 kilometers of public roads course which is easy to run with flatness to run through in rural scenery full of nature including Kamiasao, Yokohama Line.

Last update date December 3, 2019

Meeting result

On Sunday, November 24, 2019, "the sixth green leaves inhabitant of a ward marathon event" was held on schedule.
Thank you, all of you and volunteer runners who had you engage in the roadside guards who had you participate in unstable weather on the day of the meeting.
In addition, we caused many of you who lived in neighborhood by traffic regulation accompanied with meeting holding trouble.
Cooperation of many of you contributes to the fact that meeting was just finished safely.
Thank you again. Cooperation, thank you very much.

As classman of meeting is published in RUNNET [orchid net] (the outside site) now according to the generations, please see from this by all means.

About marathon course, venue guidance, traffic regulation

▼Marathon course

It is course figure of distance 10km.
For Yokohama belt line construction, please be careful in one which cannot run tentatively of a part.

Figure of venue (runner reception desk, start guidance)

You have you bring "participation notice postcard" sending to participation runner in advance (you send in meeting one week ago) on the day of the meeting, and please show at runner reception desk. With athlete's number, prize for participation exchange.
[runner Reception hours] Until from 7:45 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.

▼Announcement of traffic regulation

On the day of the meeting, we hold traffic regulation such as vehicles.
I apologize for the inconvenience, but traffic of around course road has you decline and would appreciate your using detour.
[regulation time] Until from 8:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
[regulation place] Kamiasao, Yokohama road (Ichigao intersection - ring form 4 entrance intersection) others

▼Runner support poster

On the day of the meeting, let's support runners by all means!
We distribute support gesture flag at support point of course roadside (eight places in total).
We perform support (brass band performance, musical accompaniment, foods point, water station) by local group, school, company!

About prizewinner prize

Tokyu (lunch dinner ticket)
JA Yokohama Nakazato Branch (rice, egg from hometown)
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (gift certificate)
Green leaves public hall (rakugo ticket of Koasa Shunpuutei)

Introduction of meeting Ambassador of the sixth green leaves inhabitant of a ward marathon event!

Hiromi Taniguchi of orimpian participates in the sixth green leaves inhabitant of a ward marathon event in former marathon runners as meeting ambassador heaping up "Tokyo 2020 Olympics Paralympics tournament" secondary to last year!

Profile of meeting Ambassador

Hiromi Taniguchi (taniguchihiromi)
It was born in April 5, 1960
We are from Nangomachi, Minaminaka-gun, Miyazaki (existing Nichinan-shi)
Miyazaki Prefectural Kobayashi High School
Nippon Sport Science University physical education department physical education subject is a graduate.
ASAHI KASEI Corporation track and field club
Oki Electric girl track and field
Manager at Tokyo Electric Power long distance, relay road race team
Tokyo University of Agriculture track and field club long distance assistant director
National university corporation University of Miyazaki education, student support center special professor
Nippon Sport Science University guest professor

The self-best record of marathon
2 hours 7 minutes 40 seconds (1988, Beijing international marathon)

★Main results

Relay road race
■1981 57th Tokyo-Hakone collegiate ekiden race (Hakone Ekiden)
The general second place six wards section first place (59 minutes 33 seconds)
■1982 58th Tokyo-Hakone collegiate ekiden race (Hakone Ekiden)
The general second place six wards section first place (58 minutes 04 seconds, those days new section record)
■1983 59th Tokyo-Hakone collegiate ekiden race (Hakone Ekiden)
The overall victory six wards section first place (57 minutes 47 seconds, those days new section record)

1985.02 Oita, Beppu days marathon (2:13:16) championship
1987.02 Tokyo international marathon (2:10:06) championship
1987.05 London Marathon (2:09:50) championship
1991.09 world championship Tokyo Games (2:14:57) championship
The 1992.08 Barcelona Olympics (2:14:43) eighth place
The 1996.08 Atlanta Olympics (2:17:26) 19th place

We hold << support seminar >> for green leaves inhabitant of a ward marathon runner!

Targeting at runners who did entry for the sixth green leaves inhabitant of a ward marathon event, we hold seminar by expert to show sports nutrition and the injury prevention, result of everyday exercise including exercise for performance up!

On the date

Saturday, October 12, 2019
From 10:30 to 12:00

Holding place

Aobadai forum, banquet room on the second floor
(1-5-8, Aobadai, Aoba-ku)

Application method

By telephone reservation, it is first-come-first-served basis. Entrance fee for free!

About other belongings and contents details, please see flyer.

Support seminar flyer

It recruits participants of the sixth green leaves inhabitant of a ward marathon event! → As it reached offer capacity, we closed!

As it reached capacity, we closed recruitment of participants.
Much application, thank you very much!

Meeting purpose

We run in public road safely while enjoying rich rural sceneries of Aoba Ward and plan health promotion and it is more attractive than now and does from the viewpoint of local sports promotion in town full of vigor by supporting meeting in the whole Aoba Ward.

On the date

Sunday, November 24, 2019 9:05 a.m. start


10 kilometers
※There is more barrier than start in about 5 kilometers of points (we pass from start in 40 minutes)

The offer number of people

1,000 people

Participation qualification

Person who was born in before April 1, 2001 (Heisei 13), and can run 10 kilometers in less than 70 minutes

Entrance fee

4,000 yen (credit card, convenience store, ATM)
※Please note that participation fee paid money to cannot return.

Application method

From the midday of July 24 application from using the Internet. First-come-first-served basis.
Primary offer: As it reached capacity, offer closed.
※As it reached capacity by primary offer, we do not perform the second offer.


We confer testimonial on male general first place - third place and female general first place - third place.
We give identification of record to all the finishers.
We are going to present "souvenir" and "the start right of Yokohama marathon 2020" (full marathon) to classman! (entrance fee payment)
About other details, please see offer flyer.

State (Kamiaso road) of meeting of last year

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