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Last update date September 11, 2020

Welcome to "totsukanodoga"!                                                                                                      In Totsuka Ward, we publish video which inhabitants of a ward can enjoy in house.

We will upload various videos in future.
Please be looking forward to. Then let's find video to be able to enjoy together!
  by unashi―


Entry No. 1 "totsukaoyako Festa online"

[attention degree No. 1] With annual "totsukatokotoko festival" "experience in parent and child! Holding congruent in wakuwaku health Festa from this year! We send information of play and health promotion to be able to enjoy in parent and child in house for corona evil online this year! The details from this!
Dance rou will exercise together ■ Let's learn in parent and child
Mistake is so in house, and let's play in house ■ To daddy mom trying child care hard

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Entry No. 2 "parents classroom"

[must-see pregnant woman!] Congratulations on the pregnancy. Targeting at becoming mother father by Totsuka Ward residence for the first time, we are delivering classroom to learn about pregnant how to spend, childbirth, child care with video. The details from this!

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Entry No. 3 "women's sports online course of Tozuka"

[popular sudden rise!] We are based in ward and explain rule of exercise and competition that there is player of sports team playing an active part in home and abroad for women at home with video clearly. We check video, and let's relieve lack of exercise! The details from this!
Soccer ■ Softball ■ Rugby

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