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We held Yokohama City Council extraordinary session of a local assembly in the first in 2020

Last update date May 20, 2020

Yokohama City Council extraordinary session of a local assembly was started on May 12 in schedule of 15th in the first in 2020.
In the plenary session held on May 12, questions such as general account budget were carried out in 2020 and, on 14th, 13 was seven Standing Committee and performed bill examination.
On 15th, decision of bill and officer reelection such as committees were held in plenary session.
In addition, in this extraordinary session of a local assembly, we carried out wearing of adjustment and mask of Representative attendance, self-restraint request of hearing as correspondence accompanied with new coronavirus infectious disease extended prevention in this conference room.
In addition, because it became the last plenary session in the existing City Counsil assembly hall, we played the chairperson, assembly hall speech from the mayor, song of city after plenary session and closed plenary session ground that ticked away history for 61 years.

Extraordinary session of a local assembly common knowledge poster

Extraordinary session of a local assembly poster

State of plenary session

State of the City Counsil governing board, the Standing Committee

Approach for new coronavirus infectious disease of Yokohama City Council

State of assembly hall speech

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