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Approach to secure appropriate operation

Last update date December 28, 2018

Living of consumers

Approach for unfair business act

It establishes "unfair business act" in the Yokohama-shi consumer life regulations about business of company with consumers and prohibits that company performs these acts. Consumers damage occurs at invitation of contract, the conclusion of contract, contents of contract, observance of a contract of contract, all stages in business of business with end. In the regulations, we show eight rough types of unfair business act along each stage of such a business and set concrete act to correspond to each in the enforcement regulations of the regulations 52 items.

The Yokohama-shi consumer life regulations and rule

To the Yokohama-shi consumer life regulations and the consumer life regulations enforcement regulations

Please send information about malicious business method

Malicious business method complaints box in the Edo era (to Kanagawa homepage) (the outside site)
In Kanagawa, we carry out company instruction based on Specified Commercial Transactions Law for company performing unfair business act. Please utilize information that had you approach for conduct of instruction.

Place of exchange of opinions of consumers and company

We hold discussion meeting for mutual understanding so that opinion of consumers is reflected by operation of company.

Consumers life consultation

Please consult with "Yokohama-shi consumer life synthesis center" (the outside site) about consultation about consumer life.
Please consult about damage such as trouble about contract of products, service or unfair business. We accept consumer life consultation on the telephone. We perform interview consultation by advance reservations at consumer life synthesis center or ward office (18 city) for from Monday to Friday. At first, please consult on the telephone.

Consultation exclusive telephone: 045(845) 6666
Consultation Reception hours: (weekdays) is 6:00 p.m. from 9:00 a.m.
(Saturday and Sunday) It is 4:45 p.m. from 9:00 a.m.
※Days except holiday, New Year holidays (12/29-1/3)

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