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Information for private funeral hall fee for use subsidy application

Last update date May 20, 2020


 When we cremate person who was Yokohama citizen during the lifetime at Nishiterao crematory, we assist some cremation charges that we paid.

Supporting eligible people

 Person who paid cremation rate when the dead (in the case of dead fetus child father or mother) was Yokohama citizen and cremated at Nishiterao crematory.

Supporting target facility

 Name: Nishiterao crematory
 The location: 2-418, Matsumicho, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama-shi

Supporting amount of money

List of supporting amounts of money that accepted age division
Age division Supporting amount of money
10 years or older 16,000 yen
From 7 years old to 9 years old 20,000 yen
Under 7 years old 16,000 yen
Dead fetus child 5,600 yen

Application method

Application documents

 Yokohama-shi private funeral hall fee for use assistance application documents (three sheets of copying-type documents. We distribute at Nishiterao crematory.)

  • The first piece: Application (cremation proof column of application needs cremation proof of, Nishiterao crematory.)
  • The second piece: Bill
  • The third piece: Applicant reserve

Procedure method

  1. Please fill in required items (the large frame of application) to the first piece (application) of application documents.
  2. Please seal the first piece (application) and the second piece (bill) each.
  3. You classify the first piece (application) and the second piece (bill) into envelope for application, and please send stamp to Health and Social Welfare Bureau Environment Facilities Division after pasting.

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