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Funeral hall-related style downloading

Last update date October 8, 2019

Permission to use funeral hall, funeral hall application (thing having you submit in use of funeral hall by all means)

About procedure of the day of the use

  • Firstly come over to funeral hall office and, on the day of the use, add to the application (permission to use funeral hall, funeral hall application) mentioned above, and please submit cremation permit in reception desk (you list cremation proof in the back side and, about cremation permit, return after the cremation).
  • When you use cremation, both funeral halls, please submit application one piece (two pieces in total) each about wake day and cremation day.

Cremation proof wish (thing having you submit when you wish to issue share bone or cremation certificate)

 As you list funeral hall name and the funeral hall location in cremation proof wish, please click each funeral hall name in style downloading.

  1. Cremation proof wish
    Kuboyama funeral hall (PDF: 44KB), Tozuka funeral hall (PDF: 44KB), southern funeral hall (PDF: 44KB), northern funeral hall (PDF: 44KB)
  2. Cremation proof wish (for some human body)
    Kuboyama funeral hall (PDF: 41KB), Tozuka funeral hall (PDF: 41KB), southern funeral hall (PDF: 41KB), northern funeral hall (PDF: 41KB)


  • When you want share bone, it is possible only for until collecting bones of the day of the cremation (on the day, in the case of reception desk, please report). To share bone done person, we issue share bone certificate (it takes issuance of 300 yen fee per one piece). In addition, we cannot issue share bone certificate in funeral hall, and, please understand later when share bone is not had cremation of on that day.
  • It will take issuance of 300 yen fee per one piece later when you lost cremation permit which cremation proof in funeral hall was listed in and wish to issue cremation certificate. In the case of hope, please connect with funeral hall which you cremated beforehand.

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