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Let's review plastic garbage reduction campaign ...! Disposable ...

Last update date July 21, 2020

Let's review plastic garbage reduction campaign ...! Disposable ... (this campaign was finished)

We performed campaign for reduction of one way plastic in cooperation with AEON Co., Ltd. group companies in June, 2019.

Campaign poster(PDF: 1,062KB)

Target store: All 356 city AEON Group stores

  • Ion      Eight stores
  • Three ion markets
  • Daiei     Six stores
  • Two MaxValu
  • Maruetsu     20 stores
  • maibasuketto 164
  • Six well Shea drugstores
  • Hack drug 107 stores

Conduct result

Shopping bag refusal rate increased 6⽉ in comparison with May. (※ general merchandise store "ion" "AEONSTYLE")
By ⼀⽅, result of consumers questionnaire, ⽅ working on reduction of straw and plastic bottle remains on the 40% level. About ⽣ restraint of these throwaway plastic, we will call all of city ⺠ positively in future.

Shopping bag refusal rate
April, 2019May, 2019June, 2019

※Average at 5 general merchandise store "ion" "AEONSTYLE" stores

Consumers questionnaire result (extract)

Q: "May you know environmental problem (marine outflow, microplastic, global warming) with plastic?"

Questionnaire result①

  • Recognition of "marine pollution with plastic becomes global problem" exceeded 90%.
  • ⼈ which knew "discharge per 1⼈ in ⽇ book of containers and packaging made of plastic which became disposable is the second place of the world" did not reach 30%.

Q: "We ask about ⾏ movement to reduce plastic becoming disposable. May you usually work?"

Questionnaire result②

  • ⼈ which bought ⼈ which brought my bag, refilling product became 60%-70%.
  • ⼈ which cut off ⼈, straw which we used my bottle for remained on the 40% level.

Please see the next link about other questionnaire results and detailed contents.
Let's review ion X Yokohama-shi plastic garbage reduction campaign ...! Disposable - questionnaire result (PDF: 197KB)

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