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We raise plastic substitute material, enlightenment articles using 100% reproduction plastic

Last update date June 23, 2020

 Marine pollution with plastic becomes problem on a global scale, and there is concern about influence on ecosystem, too. Approach is pushed forward for solution to problem of plastic worldwide and devises "plastic resources circulation strategy" to promote plastic resources circulation generally in country and is pushing forward approach now. In Yokohama-shi, we push forward development of "Yokohama plastic resources circulation action program" and work on measures of plastic positively.
 As one of the approaches, events recruit suggestion of enlightenment article which was equal to purpose from companies widely to use plastic substitute material, thing using 100% reproduction plastic in "enlightenment article" to distribute to citizen's all of you positively. Suggestion that had apply shares after report in Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau for all agencies, of procurement refer to.

Offer contents

1 suggestion contents

  • Generally, about product or enlightenment article which plastic was used for to material of containers and packaging, gross quantity used paper, things which replaced to material, biomass plastic, biological decomposition plastic naturally such as wood or reproduction plastic in the material
  • Or, as for the products, thing which is available for production and the delivery is under development now; and is almost thing which can commercialize within one year
  • About item targeted for Yokohama-shi green procurement, it is not against "basic policy about promotion of Yokohama-shi green procurement" and "procurement policy to plan promotion of Yokohama-shi green procurement"

2 application methods

  • You fill in required items on attachment proposal, and please submit sample of products or photograph by either method of E-mail, mail, bringing after attachment.
  • Please make proposal for each products.
  • Proposal styleProposal style (word: 14KB)Please download from this.

3 submissions, reference

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City of Yokohama, Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau 3R promotion section

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Telephone: 045-671-3593

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