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Eraser hanko animation

Last update date August 13, 2020

About climate change and energy saving, re-energy, please see "eraser hanko animation" to be able to learn clearly.
Eraser hanko animation is video which we did to take eraser hankookoma.

"Is the earth not appreciated? (the earth) about one minute

"ninare cheerful the earth! (energy) about two minutes

We learn with eraser hanko animation! Global warming measure worksheet

We will challenge problem of worksheet after seeing "eraser hanko animation"!
Warming measures worksheet downloading (PDF: 1,901KB)

Eraser hanko animation series

Is it "blue carbon" ttenaani? About 1 minute 50 seconds

Person wanting to know Yokohama blue carbon more is this

Let's participate in "Yokohama carbon offset project"! About 1 minute 20 seconds

Person wanting to know Yokohama carbon offset project more is this

Is it "virtual power plant" ttenaani? About 1 minute 20 seconds

Person wanting to know virtual power plant (VPP) more is this

"Let's choose car which is kind to the earth"; about 1 minute 30 seconds

"Future energy that hydrogen is kind to the earth" about two minutes

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