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House de energy saving

Final update date March 22, 2019

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With the aim of realizing "Zero Carbon Yokohama", Yokohama City has set up a video "Energy Saving at Home" that summarizes "smart energy saving" with the aim of saving energy in homes and promoting an environmentally conscious lifestyle. We are promoting awareness of energy conservation behavior.

House de Energy saving NEXT

Energy-saving behavior that can be done at home, what should I do specifically? Recommended for such people!
Mr. Otsuka, an energy-saving advisor who received the Minister of the Environment Award for cooperating with the shooting of "Ouchi de Energy Saving", will introduce energy-saving actions and points that can be tackled at home!

Let's do "home de energy saving" together!

[Energy Conservation for Home Appliances]
It's surprising that four home appliances occupy about half of home electricity!
What is that home appliance? The answer is in the video!

The seasonal point is to save energy in everyday life!
I will tell you the difference between summer and winter ideas!

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