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Forest preservation district of the source

Last update date November 5, 2020

Photograph of forest of the source

About forest preservation district system of the source

It is system to plan preservation of forest place by forming cityscape that is full of green, and forest preservation district of the source giving civic life moisture and ease, and having you cooperate toward the landowner about good forest place of the suburbs region contributing to maintenance of earth-water preservation, river improvement function and security of quantity of water of river, and appointing.
We appoint about 247ha (as of April 1, 2020) in the city.

The grounds regulations

Designated standard, contract method

It is for the forest ground with unity covered to 1,000 square meters or more crowns of controlled urbanization zone.
(about site of building and land necessary to achieve the maintenance or effect, we are inapplicable. (summary "separate table 1") (PDF: 61KB)
We own green tract of land meeting standard, and landowner who wants to receive designation, please submit "forest preservation district designated application (agreement) book of the source" (PDF: 247KB) to the mayor.
If we examine city based on application and meet standard, we have you bind forest preservation contract of the source ten years or more together with landowner between city (the mayor).
When unexpected situations such as the inheritance occurred, cancellation contracting is limited to public use of land and contractor.

Newcomer-designated offer period

We raise at any time

Brochure of forest offer of the source is this

Information for "forest of the source" new offer (PDF: 229KB)

Downloading of designated application (agreement) book is this

Forest preservation district designated application (agreement) book (PDF: 247KB) of the source

Preferential treatment to contractor

  1. Property tax of land which we appointed is remitted.
  2. When we have you update at the time of the contract expiration, we issue continuation lump sum.

But, as for the continuation lump sum, there are none about land appointed in particular in green zone preservation district or protected forest.

The use, management form

Please manage management of contract place so that landowner you keep the current situation of forest place well.

Limit of act

When is appointed in forest of the source, the next development activities are not possible.

  • Setting of building and workpiece
  • Creation of residential land, the cleaning of land, collection of nothing special, change of form and essence of other land
  • Act to have an influence on felling of tree bamboo, maintenance of other forest place concerned

But you hit branch and may have you perform thinning about normal forest management.
When you violate, you cancel contract and designation based on summary and are expected to pay cancelation cost.


When we are going to perform act to achieve next or when reason to give next occurred, discussion with city is necessary for contractor of forest preservation district of the source.

  1. When we perform measures in disaster prevention necessary for preservation management of land
  2. When we transfer proprietary rights with succession of forest preservation contract of the source
  3. When unexpected situation produces outbreak of the inheritance, and continuation of contract becomes difficult
  4. When when it performs public business or when it installs workpiece affecting public interest-like business, it is difficult to carry out the effect if we do not install in forest preservation district of the source concerned


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